On Is It Finally The Beginning Of The End For Facebook?

I love it when people complain about the quality of their Facebook friends as if they were chosen by some unknown, unwashed entity.

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On Opinions Netflix Has Formed About Me During My 3.2 Years As Its Customer

This Is Your Captain Speaking is a great book title.

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On The First Time a Young Man Feels Old

This is so good and spot on. I recently turned 25 and it feels like death to me. I was watching the game last night and thinking about the fragility of Lebron's legacy at this relatively late stage in his career, and then I remembered that we were in high school together.

Worse than watching basketball is going to concerts. Since college it's been one of my favorite things to do. But now when I go I feel like I'm surrounded by children. I start to look around for someone to tell me that I'm crazy, that my whole life remains on the horizon. But that person is already a ghost.

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On Ibid.

Who the hell is Brad Nelson?

You know, aside from the most pretentious douchebag among a sea of admittedly pretentious douchebags?

Aside from Miles Klee's boyfriend?

The reactions to / comments about this piece suggested precisely that it had sprung "whole and new and unbound from the author's head." Hence the entirely appropriate discussion of lineage.

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On Ibid.

Right. As Adouble points out, this is great I'm sure, but unoriginal in more ways than one: http://harpers.org/archive/2007/02/0081387

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On Celebrities Behind Bars! A Comprehensive Study of Bad Behavior and Forgiveness

That Chapelle clip is amazing.

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