On Moon Just As Ugly From The Back

But... but... dont hate it, we need the moon. If we had no moon, then we wouldn't be able to explain the tides going in and out. And then Bill O'Reilly would be right. Which would be... weird.

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On Did They Find Atlantis?

Atlantis is a total fabrication. The text that it was taken from was really just another one of Plato's allegories. People back then realized that, but shockingly, since then, that fact has somehow gotten lost in translation.
I mean, really… with all the brilliant people in the world… how could we not have found its existence by now? We've done projections and maps of continental locations before — none have left any room for doubt.
No other contemporary of Plato or Aristotle or any of those guys ever mentions a "city under the sea" or some tripe like that. At least not in a way that could be identifiably linked to Atlantis.
And really, if you COULD find other stories and were able to corroborate them together, social anthropologists would just tell you it's like the "flood myth" — an archetype — maybe even related. Every major culture, religion, etc. in history has one.
Now, I'm not saying that there is for sure no city like Atlantis or whatever, or maybe just some island (with a few local tribes on it that in all reality wasn't all that grandiose and technologically advanced like we are told it was) that got crushed beneath the waves thousands of years ago.
What I AM saying however is that Plato's version of the story is a complete fiction. That's the way it's always been.

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On How the For-Profit College Can Destroy Your Life

@Morbo @Mindpowered: You guys are nothing but smug elitist pricks. Omar obviously feels like he needs to defend UoP. As a student currently attending UoP, he has a better grasp on the quality of the education he is getting than either of you or the author of this feckless article. Your replies are nothing but ad hominem swipes, so typical of computer chair cowards. Do your thing, Omar.

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On The Road To Hell Is Paved With Compostable Bags

Thank you for bringing up David Foster Wallace. That's who I was thinking about the entire time I was reading this. The Sun Chips debacle does seem like something straight out of Infinite Jest.

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On Harry Potter and the Incredibly Conservative Aristocratic Children's Club

Oh just f******* offfffffffff !!!!

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On The More You Hate Rand Paul, The More Kentucky Loves Him

That was my point, but I guess "our most famous folks are Muhammad Ali and Johnny Depp" wouldn't have been ridiculous enough.

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On The More You Hate Rand Paul, The More Kentucky Loves Him

For the record, Florence Henderson and Harland Sanders are both from Indiana.

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On The "People of Walmart" Book Arrives! Poor People Still Hilarious!

"can i be a populist and a urban, liberal elitist at the same time?"

Isn't that what all liberals think they are anyway?

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