On What To Google To Get The Government To Show Up At Your House

@Clarence Rosario Whatever you do, DON'T OPEN AN ICE CREAM PARLOR. :((((((

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On What To Google To Get The Government To Show Up At Your House

In 1994, after the NYPD foiled a bomb plot in Brooklyn, the FBI came to our door in Park Slope. They were asking about our neighbors - were they Muslim, did we ever hear any anti-American sentiment, etc.

Our neighbors were originally from Puerto Rico. They ran an ice cream parlor.


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On Teenagers Quitting Facebook Because It's Full of Old People

@Clarence Rosario Uh oh. One of those probably belongs to me.

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On Pretty Lady Over Feminism

@My Number Is My Address Sans-culottes, really.

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On Shaving: What's It All About?

@Matt By accident. And he was really, really sorry.

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On Now We Have Everything

What about Forbidden Planet? It's been here for thirty years.

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On Finally, A Reason To Visit Staten Island

Staten Island is actually pretty awesome. Lots of maritime stuff. Really good food. Loads of history. It's just so damn inconvenient. But they used to say that about Brooklyn.

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On How To Cook A Bolognese Sauce

Coluccio's in Bensonhurst. They're a restaurant supply house that does retail as well. I get a Zipcar and buy CASES of San Marzano tomatoes. Also cases of everything else.

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