On Did Spencer Ackerman Get Beaten Up Enough As A Kid?

Bah, Ackerman's just riding the Grand Blog Tarkin train: http://blogtarkin.com/

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On Fictional Ducks, In Order From Worst To Best

No love for Quaxelrod?

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On Today's Recall Election: A Warning to the Future

Don't term limits technically subvert "the will of the people" (to the extent that such a thing exists at all)? If I want to vote for Incumbent A, but he can't run due to term limits, there's something the matter there, right?
I've always thought that scrapping term limits would improve politics somewhat. With the presidency, for instance, all that matters is not being a one-termer, so they play it safe in the first term, maybe get something done in the first two years of the second, and then spend the last two as a lame duck. Without term limits, they could be getting stuff done all the time – and running on their records instead of away from them.

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On One Voter Explains: Why I Support Scott Walker

I wish you'd asked her why she thinks it's the teachers that are somehow single-handedly responsible for a state's fiscal insolvency. Because five-figure salaries are the problem?

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On The Gawker Commenter Day of Rage

Also, someone pointed out that there's an AWESOME greasemonkey script available that converts most of the gawker sites back into their original form (http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/96628). Unfortunately, it doesn't work on io9. Which come to think of it is a particularly low blow. But whatever, if you read the others you'll like it.

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On The Real Cost of Drinking and Driving (Besides, Like, Vehicular Manslaughter)

Not to mention that so many of these are technically "set by the states" but are in reality federal mandates. Speed limits, for instance, are up to an individual state to set, but of course if you happen to make them any faster than 65 MPH, the feds will cut off highway funding.

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On Banks, from the Outside

I wish that Al Franken really had made ATM fees the cornerstone of his campaign platform.

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On London's Student Demonstrations Are the Best Sort of Education

9,000 pounds is merely the upper limit; it doesn't mean that all higher education will cost that much. A tuition of 9,000 pounds is not for the British equivalent of a "state school" - it's for the upper echelon universities like the London School of Economics and King's College London. You're paying $15,000 for the UK version of Princeton and Harvard Business School, which is a ridiculous bargain.

I mean, look at what the international students pay (confession: I did a master's at LSE this past year); our tuition is 14,000 pounds, or roughly $22,000, and that's still insanely cheap compared to US schools.

Then again, despite their reputation, British unis aren't really worth a dime. And maybe when students have more of their own money invested in their education, they'll demand improvements to it, rather than frittering their time away on crap like declarations in favor of/against Israel-Palestine or 'lad mags' being sold in the bookstore. Pro tip: NO ONE ELSE CARES WHAT YOU "RESOLVE."

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On 'Wired' Mag's Chesty Cover Not Feeling Great for All Women

Hey, why didn't you tell me the new issue of Weird was here? I love their hilarious send-ups of hit movies.

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On I Finally Got a Kindle and I Love It but I Am Scared of Fascism

We already know that Steve Jobs is a dick and that iTunes presents many of the same problems. With cable and an ISP, what other choice do you have than to OBEY THEIR COMMAND and suck it up? Usually there are only one or two providers in town.

The really scary part about this kind of thing on a Kindle is that it's an actual choice. You don't have to abide by their rules; you can go buy an actual book. But we're willingly abrogating our property rights.

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