On Bagels, In Order

Salt is the correct number one. The only possible improvement is poppy/salt.

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On Fries, In Order

And yet, no duck-fat fries.

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On Myth Eviscerated

Twenty percent. Always twenty percent.

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On Marian--LOL MARINA--Abramovic Just Wants $34,748 More From You

I am somehow imagining Marina explaining Caddyshack and it almost seems worth the price.

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On Why You Want To Kill All Those Idiots In Front Of You

Apparently Seinfeld reruns finally made it to Central Lancashire.

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On Zap People Pretty

That explains the electricity in the air at Burger Continental last night.

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On It May Not Be Evil But Quinoa Does Pretty Much Suck

A grain so delicious that the Quechua walk hundreds of miles down from the Andes to Lima so that they don't have to eat it any more.

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On Did You Still Not Vote Yet? Here Is One Good Reason Why: Paul Ryan

@deepomega Do you work for Monsanto? Because while stuff like fish genes in tomatoes are just skeevy, there are some pretty serious implications if some of the fertility-killing genes and such in play should escape - and they will. Heavy regulations would be better, but at the moment, labeling, which should be uncontroversial, is all we've got.

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On Magazine Good

At least you didn't say it was a great yarn.

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On T-Bone, For Two

You really shouldn't cover the grill when the meat is going to cook for less than 45 minutes or so. The steak picks up an acrid note - you may think of it as the ``backyard taste'' - that doesn't quite resolve itself into smokiness. Also: no herbs. They'll burn. Put 'em on afterwards if you really want them.

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