On Cooking the Books: Emily Gould and Tao Lin Make Raw Salad

"oh" "wow" "that" "was" "great"

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On Frank Luntz's Fox News Focus Group--From the Inside

oh, luntz...maybe it's his teeth and the expanding multiple chins, but he looks like he's about to gorge on human flesh.

glad you got the $$$, colin- that room looks like a fine approximation of purgatory.

maybe luntz wrote these bizarro focus group questions:

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On How the For-Profit College Can Destroy Your Life

terrific article. god, and i just saw "college inc" last night. yeesh. depressing.

would love to see more on this issue though, and less advice like this:

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On So Daddy Drinks A Little. So What?

"Do you even understand the chemical/structural makeup of the brain and the interactions with something as simple as nutrition?"

sure do. my statement was a satirical one. you got an itchy comment trigger finger, pal. you must have had a bad day! glad i could assist in your bowel-loosening!

off to my indoctrination camp....

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On So Daddy Drinks A Little. So What?

Sometimes you have to disguise the pain, mental illness, etc to move forward with your career and family life. Gin saved my Dad's life. http://ow.ly/2nmk1

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On The Jobless Non-Recovery: 352,000 Jobs Gone in June and July

so so so so fucked. i dye my hair everyday and pray for forgiveness to a god that clearly hates me. http://moscater.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/gray-hair-will-ruin-your-career/

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On I'm With The Brand


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