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On How Not to Let Your Small Child Pee in a Public Park

@Moff No, I caught on real quick that you're a bougie white dad. One who really doesn't like cops and power structures, lots of words there, I get it. But we're talking past one another rather than arguing. The cop is incidental to the story where I'm sitting. Doing the right thing needn't ruin one's day with their precious little ones. But rather than owning up, dude says, well, we people with kids take up more space, so deal with it. That's the attitude that's getting called out.

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On How Not to Let Your Small Child Pee in a Public Park

@Moff In your zeal you missed the part where I disclosed I'm a bougie white dad. It's hard enough in this world being a bougie white dad without the Gabes of the world perpetuating the incumbent stereotypes. Dude got called out, and he's blaming the guy who was doing his job for being on a power trip. I was just suggesting there maybe was a lesson to be learned despite his refusal to do so.

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On How Not to Let Your Small Child Pee in a Public Park

@Moff He made a choice from among three. None took into consideration anyone other than himself. I proposed a fourth that also took into consideration other people, that was in the spirit of the one he chose anyway.

And, yes, I favor rules against garbage on the street because someone is too lazy to carry it to the bin on the corner, loogies on the sidewalk because someone doesn't carry a tissue, and bodily waste in the grass because a dad can't be bothered to walk five minutes with his child.

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On How Not to Let Your Small Child Pee in a Public Park

In lieu of knee-jerk aspersions, Gabe, let me, as a father of precious little ones in my own right, nudge you toward a shift in logic to a fourth option: Do I want to ENJOY 10 minutes of this precious golden hour with MY CHILD in the park NEAR the skyline, REGARDLESS OF THE ACTIVITY? Yes, yes you do, Gabe, every moment with your kid is special, including those moments teaching your kid to be a responsible citizen.

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On The End of Slogans

See also, Corcoran, "Live who you are"

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On I'm Not Going To Coachella This Year

So many of my favorites are in the small print. And not because they're on the way up.

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On The Mystery Of The Whole Foods Giant Bread: Solved

@danbo Careful what you ask for: http://www.brownstoner.com/blog/2013/12/walkabout-the-coignet-building-whats-the-big-deal/

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On Chopped Salad Toppings, In Order

1, 3, 6, 20, 33 and 15910096@twitter (#253,900)

all day

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On When Your Fingers Did The Walking

I saw a Lana Turner movie last night and she made a familiar hand gesture I had previously associated with old people and viewed it, like a crackling voice and shuffling steps, as just something old people did. Seeing this stunning blond do it struck me that, no, this is something people in the 40s did, and then they just got old. And I guess in 50 years when I give my ungrateful grandchildren the mahalo to the side of the face, they'll just attribute it to my arthritis rather than these century old machines I'm already starting to forget.

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On The Clean, "Dunes"

@1731489822@twitter That not withstanding, how about that prime shot of Maxwell's and the original Knitting Factory!

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