Another day older and deeper in debt.

On I'm Not Going To Coachella This Year

So many of my favorites are in the small print. And not because they're on the way up.

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On The Mystery Of The Whole Foods Giant Bread: Solved

@danbo Careful what you ask for: http://www.brownstoner.com/blog/2013/12/walkabout-the-coignet-building-whats-the-big-deal/

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On Chopped Salad Toppings, In Order

1, 3, 6, 20, 33 and 15910096@twitter (#253,900)

all day

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On When Your Fingers Did The Walking

I saw a Lana Turner movie last night and she made a familiar hand gesture I had previously associated with old people and viewed it, like a crackling voice and shuffling steps, as just something old people did. Seeing this stunning blond do it struck me that, no, this is something people in the 40s did, and then they just got old. And I guess in 50 years when I give my ungrateful grandchildren the mahalo to the side of the face, they'll just attribute it to my arthritis rather than these century old machines I'm already starting to forget.

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On The Clean, "Dunes"

@1731489822@twitter That not withstanding, how about that prime shot of Maxwell's and the original Knitting Factory!

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On Odd Future's Biggest Fans

@gigglefest don't get me started on Marisa's favorite movie...

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On Meet The Brave Entrepreneurs Who Will Save Us From Mayor Mike's Polystyrene Ban

I think we should all have our own to-go containers. Made of tin or something equally nice. Monogrammed, or not. We can go to the deli, fill it up with slop, rinse and repeat.

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On James O'Keefe: "I'm Just Getting Started, OK?"

I applaud the author's effortful objectivity in allowing the facts to speak for themselves--an implicit counterpoint to O'Keefe's assumption that George Soros is the prime motivator for all journalistic endeavors. It also gave me a chance to really strive to be open-minded about this guy, though his justificatory rantings ultimately got in the way.

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On The Velvet Underground, In Order

@KarenUhOh also on the 20 in the top 3. would add 15 and 6 to my own top 3.

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On The First Time a Young Man Feels Old

I've been in the same fantasy baseball league for the last twelve seasons. Once David Ortiz and Lance Berkman retire, so will I.

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