On 'The Artist' And What Makes A Movie 'Foreign'

Being French myself, I can't help but bring a few pedantic remarks, because we are nothing if not pedantic:
- Dujardin is not "second only to Marion Cotillard", because she's never been that big of a star here before La Mome, and then she went and did american movies. Granted, she's quite well kinown and loved (and also hated, personnaly I find all French actresses unsufferable and she's one of the worsts)

- French people are not of one mold. The types who go to LA and shop at Abercrombie & Fitch have probably never had a problem with American culture, american people, just maybe with american politics for some. The thing is, our reputation for being elitist is mainly due to... our elites.

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On What Would Princess Diana Be Doing If She Were Alive Today?

@A Snood Mood "... so I took it upon myself to watch up Diana's."

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On France is an Incredibly Foreign Country

@freetzy obviously, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. (you're welcome, I always like a good set up)

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On France is an Incredibly Foreign Country

No one in France takes BHL as anything but a joke. here he proves himself to be one once again by not bothering to check his facts.
The thing is that some people tried to explain the differences between the French and American legal system, the main one being that your system is called "accusatory", meaning that its to the accusation to bring the proof of its saying, while ours is called "inquisitory", meaning that the judge has an investigating power and will in fact take it upon himself to find out who's telling the truth.
As these things go, many people (I've seen them on Twitter) stopped at "accusatory" and took it for meaning that the burden of the proof falls upon the accused, probably because we always assume the worst from you guys in the USA.
BHL obviously didnt take the 2 minutes it takes on Wikipedia to check upon this ludicrous claim, but there's also something to be said about the editors of The Daily Beast not bothering to correct him.

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On My Latest Obsession: The Nintendo 3DS

A1so, you should mention streetpassing. I'm a streetpassing addict, I never leave my 3DS at home.

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On My Latest Obsession: The Nintendo 3DS

This reads like its sponsored by Nintendo and then boom! you realise American Express paid for it. Well played.

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On Fame and Fortune! Tokyo Girl Group Star Exchanges Schoolgirl Outfit for Nudity

Yep, the article should have mentionned the Hello Project, wich instituted this "menudo style" band type in Japan over a decade ago. Nothing in AKB48 is really new.

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