On Real America: Dan Baum's Sexy Gun

More revision by a Statist. Apparently "infringement" means whatever a hoplophobe wants it to mean.

Way to dodge all the rest, ya hack.


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On Real America: Dan Baum's Sexy Gun

Leftists, who are at heart, abject Statists, just cannot stand that anyone would take the responsibility for themselves and their family's safety more seriously than the guy in the Brink's commercial, peeing down his leg while on the phone to the monitoring center.

Look, Citiots, there's a big ol' area out here, where working people live, you know...the ones whose extorted funds from the fruits of their labors help to subsidize all that you think you're "entitled" to?

Yeah...those folks.

Well, we're not all cousin-humpin' missin' chromosome hillbillys. Some of us actually "read dem dere book thangs", including this KA-RAAAZY old dusty tome called "The US Constitution".

In that old relic, you know, the Supreme Law of the Land, or somethin', it clearly states that the Right (some kind of permission at Government discretion, to some) to keep and bear...(disassemble and lock away, to some) arms...akin to the type we fought for, and won our ever-eroding Freedom from the most powerful Empire of the face of the earth, at that time..."shall not be infringed".

Firearms don't have to be "sexy". They don't have to satiate a "need". They are...because we CAN. We have a Right, even in King Daley's fiefdom, to own, keep and bear.

Without registration, indexing, numbering, taxation, and other efforts to marginalize and dehumanize those who are engaged in a Tradition older than America itself.

(Oh, and while we're hand-wringing about "the Children"...it is interesting to note that most of these little Darwin award winners are the children of City dickheads who treat guns like porn...shoved under the bed, because "kids shouldn't be in there".)

To a Lefty's mind, Education and familiarization are the key to enlightenment...except firearms...in which case ignorance is utter bliss.


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On Real America: "Red Dawn" Remade: China is Coming for Our Children

Really? Some Lefty writers, obviously disillusioned with the reluctance of the Kenyan usurpers "Hope and Change" mantra want to plead the case of the poor, downtrodden Chinese? Chinese have been successful and quite underrated Immigrants into this country for 2 reasons...Industriousness and lack of victim posturing.

They don't sit around wringing their hands and blaming "whitey", they go back to work...This is what GOOD Immigrants do. This arcane (to some) concept took Irish and Italian from "less than black" status to completely assimilated Americans in less than 2 generations.

As far as Racism, if you want to experience it, put a Mandarin Chinese and "any other type" of Chinese, including any other type of Asian and the self-supposed smugness and superiority virtually oozes from their pores like some Demokommie with a big huge Obama bumper sticker emblazoned on the back of his Prius!

It's racist, in that "know it all" kinda Lib fashion, to assume that all people of one skin tone have "your enlightened" opinion on anything...or each other.

In Lefty-land, all Hispanics are open-borders Socialists...just like Illegal Invader filth.

In Lefty-land, all Africans are the same, regardless of what tribe they come from.

In Lefty-land, all Chinese have the same perspectives, because they all think alike. (Nevermind the fact that Chinese as conquerors are some of the most cruel and vicious occupiers that any civilization has ever known...ask the Hmong)

In closing I'd like to simply say "Dude, it's just a F'n movie, your vagina is getting sand in my popcorn." Thanks for the tiny snippets of script tho.


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