On Bach Keyboard Concertos, In Order


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On What Was Your Weirdest Celebrity Sex Dream?

Relevant to Jim Behrle: the classic I Fucked Ann Coulter in the Ass, Hard. (SFW!)

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On A Conversation With Whit Stillman About The Script Of 'Metropolitan'

You are a great interviewer, and I really loved this!

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

I vote that we ask Paul Ford for a solution and immediately implement whatever he thinks of.

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On Gays Brought Terribly Low by Heterosexual Newspaper's Makeovers

I don't know what kind of stunt they're pulling with that awful Men's Warehouse Calvin Klein suit -- my (cute!) boyfriend had to wear it as best man in a (hetero) wedding and looked TERRIBLE.

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On Some (Sort of Bad) Advice for New Fathers

Hearing a REAL LIVE FATHER say "You can wave them around like chicken" makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER about how I wonder that constantly every time I roast a bird.

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On Premonitions Of Fall After The Storm: A Listicle

Now, NOW I am ready for fall.

(But all in good time: summer lasts until the morning of September 23!)

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On The M. Wells Scandal

@Choire Sicha Instead of spitting I gasped inappropriately loudly, shouted "NO!" and grabbed my dining partner's leg in shock. What if it's not on the menu when they reopen?? :(

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On The M. Wells Scandal


Even worse, when I went on Sunday they were out of gravlax pie. Which didn't stop us from ordering everything else on the menu (and our service, incidentally, was excellent) but still!

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