On Are The Startup Fellas Hellbent On Destroying Education Even Literate?

@Leon I mean, aren't history books the only place for maps featuring the ussr? I meant social studies, not history, sorry.

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On Are The Startup Fellas Hellbent On Destroying Education Even Literate?

I always find it insane that these people want to fix the american education system so they start with college.

Unless you are a doctor or architect or some other highly specialized skill, the learning acquired in college is basically fucking optional for the vast majority of Americans.

I'm very pro-college - I went, and I'm glad I did. I studied philosophy, and it has enriched my life etc. But I didn't learn a damned thing in college I need to do my job.

(Oh, I'm in Ops Management at a tech company btw)

What these assholes never address is where things are really broken - little kids. I taught in a middle school in a poor town for a few years after college, and it was insane. It was less than 10 years ago, and the history books still had maps featuring the USSR.

The problem with our education system is that schools are primarily funded by local taxes. Until we ban private schools and nationalize school funding so that the amount of money spent educating every single child in America is the same, rich kids are going to keep going to awesome schools and being better educated at every critical milestone, poor kids are going to keep going to shitty schools and just lagging further and further behind each year they live, and nothing is going to get better.

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On Which Book Published Today Should You Buy?

how are there used copies for sale already?

seriously though, i am excited to read this (compliments from a stranger who doesn't know that much about good writing and who hasn't read it yet! so meaningful!) and then put it on the shelf w/ apologies.

i'm kinda disappointed the book doesn't have an awl on the cover tho.

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On Responses To "Rape Joke"

Can I smear my clothes with blueberries and go backpacking in southern washington tho? For realsis, I am a MESSY blueberry eater lololo

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On What To Google To Get The Government To Show Up At Your House

@Leon - I mean how the hell are you supposed to fight the bad guys without eating your high protein pseudo-cereals?

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On What To Google To Get The Government To Show Up At Your House

They asked what the hell quinoa was?

I'm terrified they're going to come to my house, find out I have amaranth, and extraordinarily rendite me on the spot.

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On Critic More

I know it's like every time I'm on twitter, I think to myself, geez, why is everyone so guarded and reluctant to express how they really feel about things?

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On Chopped Salads: What Are They About?

Because I have shitty priorities and nicotine withdrawal, nothing inconsequential in life has ever made me as grumpy as this article.

(1)The reporting is so fucking unfocused. (2)85% of what it says about chopped salads also applies to tossed salads at Build Your Own Salad stands. (3)The difference, and alleged reasons people prefer chopped salads over tossed are not mentioned til the FIFTEENTH FUCKING PARAGRAPH, after the next page bumper on the website (4)Their reasons are so weird and dumb (5)Including the word millenials is such hilariously aggressive straight-up trollery; it is the fuck AMAZING that the newspaper industry is in such a sorry state that a paper we can make fun of as much as the NY Times can still be the best paper out there (6)Chopped salads are fucking bogus (7)People that want to eat a taste of everything they put in their salad with every fucking bite need to learn some god damned discipline (8)WHAT IN FUCK IS WRONG WITH EATING JUST A CHERRY TOMATO, have you ever tasted a fucking cherry tomato THEY ARE FUCKING DELICIOUS (9)People who need every sensation their salad offers all at once probably can't dance or fuck very well (10)The lady they interviewed who said lentils are great in a salad, fuck, man, I can't disagree with that at all, lentils are really great.

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On 'Wigwag' Revisited

@Peteykins - I feel like a too twee highlights for children for adults is the only magazine left that would definitely make money.

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On What A Pack Of Cigarettes Costs Now, State By State

@La Cieca - I quit smoking a month ago and loved this article. I've sworn to never be one of those quitters who is the worst when I quit.

And yeah, ya know? Smoking might be expensive and bad for you (I quit cuz my doctor yelled at me, like, a lot and told me I was probably going to die young - which, I'm at an age now where dying and going to dinner at 4PM are the ONLY circumstances in which I might be called young) and I'm well over the physical addiction, but I still wish I could smoke.

Because smoking is fucking awesome and it feels good and it makes you look cool and fuckin' sexy. I feel bad for everyone who is never a smoker.

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