On Portrait Of A Witch

It seems, FulanaSutanaMengana, that you are well-positioned to write a history of santeria, whereas Maria is writing memoir, which has a different set of requirements.

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On Drinks That You Should be Ashamed to Order in Public

I do so many things I "should be ashamed" to do that there's hardly anything left over.

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On Name That Los Angeles Neighborhood!

I am a native Northern Californian. In college, I discovered something about Southern Californians: when I'd ask them where they were from, they would say "Los Angeles," though in my experience it was never strictly true. They were always from other, you know, Los Angeles-adjacent cities, or even cities that are not particularly adjacent. Meanwhile, people who were actually from the city of Los Angeles tended not to admit it! I wonder if any of these folks had a hand in the creation of Google Maps?

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On When PR Goes Wrong: The MAC-Rodarte Fiasco

I want to be sympathetic to the Rodarte sisters' intentions, but I find it difficult knowing that they had not originally planned to set aside any profits for any purpose benefiting Juarez. Anyone at Rodarte who wants an example of a respectful way to pay tribute to a murder victim could check out the British firm Illamasqua, which sells a black eyeliner pencil called SOPHIE in honor of a goth girl who was beaten to death by strangers who didn't like the way she looked. Illamasqua donates part of the profits from the sale of this product to the foundation that honors this girl, whose name was Sophie Lancaster.

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