On 'The Wire' and the Realism Canard

David Simon is up-to-date Norman Lear.

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On My Short Career in the Internet Outrage Business

This reminds me of the story a few years from a successful freelance writer who pretended that he had taken a job in Memphis after missing out on a job at the WSJ. Come on people.

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On Are You Useful to Anyone?

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On New Manhattan Doesn't Need Gas Stations

There's a gas station on the ground floor of a church in Rosslyn, VA, so there's no reason that apartment and other buildings can't integrate a gas station within the ground floor retail design.


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On I Write These Stupid Words: Weezer's Normcore Revolution

Here's a brilliant idea, for any fearless scientist out there: show random people random album covers/band shots, and ask them to pick out the lead singer/songwriter. Even if you don't know who weezer is, isn't it pretty obvious from the album cover who the lead singer is?

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On Drinking While Pregnant

I seem to remember "Claire Zulkey" from web .20 . . . is she a violinist or cellist who used to post soft-porn on her site? She got me in trouble at work.

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On How To Bully Children

Sarah and I would never be friends, but her stuff is great anyway. Bullying is the world's way of telling you that a) you're weak or b) annoying. Better to find out as a kid, because adults won't tell you the truth.

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On Seven Years as a Freelance Writer, or, How To Make Vitamin Soup

Read those last few paragraphs . . . "Nothing but the Truth!" Not quite . . . Did nobody else catch that he's punking us?

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On Seven Years as a Freelance Writer, or, How To Make Vitamin Soup

There's no evidence of a Richard mOrgan at the Memphis Commercial Appeal

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