On The Ugly-Beauty Of Brutalism

When are they going to knock down that ugly Notre Dame du Haut and give the fields back to the cows?

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On Dick Joke

Chris, you are hilariously brilliant. But seriously all this handwringing and flirting with populism will disappear the moment Wall Street figures out how to evade Dodd-Frank. It's McCain-Feingold all over again. Those reforms were supposed to change the industry, but only created new mechanisms to accomplish the same old ends.

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On The Mysterious Case Of The Craigslist Writing Gig Scam

Sounds like you fell for that old scam where they record your words in an effort to build a spoken dictionary. This happened to Alec Baldwin when he was in college and it came back to haunt him.

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On Yale Alumni News & Notes From Alllllll Over

Jared Taylor is very well-known in white supremacist circles. He counts Don Black and David Duke among his friends.

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On AIDS Benefit Gets Terrible, (Delightfully) Mean Review

Calvin Klein isn't renovating Dragon's Head. He tore the old house down a few years ago and is building something new.

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On "French 18th-century furniture was in serious trouble"!!!

Prices for second-tier works are down across the board, particularly when you compare them to the auctions of the late 90s, early 2000s as well as 2005 and 2006. It seems Mr Melikian is also completely unaware that the Irish economy has imploded and is showing no hope of recovery any time soon. Does he really imagine there are Irish art collectors with a lot of disposable income right now? All the most conspicuous spenders are getting their homes repossessed.

Neoclassical art in general hasn't kept pace with modernism since the mid-20th century. Just think of David compared to Courbet. Maybe the real story here is that Tony Ryan made just as many poor decisions with his private acquisitions as he did running Ryanair.

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On Burroughs and Ginsberg: Literary Heroes and Totally Gross Sex Predators

Michael Savage talks about his friendship with Ginsberg from time to time on his radio program. Very odd.

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