On Bagels, In Order

@Balk, I challenge you to eat an egg bagel while I eat a plain one. Also, what's your beef with seeds?

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On What Do The Apps Want From Us?

@Choire: "All I really want though is for Maps to learn where the subway entrances actually are." EXIT STRATEGY is money well spent in this area. One of my most used apps.

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On "Architecture For Dogs" Latest Evidence of Economic Recovery

@dado: Sad to say, that is in fact what it's been called: http://www.amazon.com/Barkitecture-Fred-Albert/dp/0789203731/ref=la_B001KHEVUW_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353023008&sr=1-1

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On The New, Old Ground Game In New Hampshire

Really missing the image txt here...

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On People Reacting Irrationally to a Telephone


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On 31 Things Not To Do This Weekend


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On What Is "Love"?

Sure, why the hell not.

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On Literally The Worst Word On The Planet

Nice. But while we're all ranting: "it was not I."??

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On Free To Be... Straight White Males

@Ledrew Though I guess that's what comment threads are for?

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On Free To Be... Straight White Males

These are great. Would love to see MB and/or DR get into it with someone less innately sympathetic to their take, too. Widen the circle, while still making with the Respect Initiative.

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