On Four Hours in the Totebag Capital of the World

@J. L. A.@twitter oh my god now I want to go to Meet the Breeds expo SO BADLY. All the breeds!! All the dogs! How do I go about getting a press pass? How much does it cost?

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On Cheap, Cheerful Flowers For Your Next Party

I love this. I buy fresh cut flowers all year round but never really know how to properly display them. Usually just the fact that they're sitting my room makes me feel accomplished.

Besides as much as I fantasize my apartment is way too small/crappy/humid moldy basement for a dinner party where I'd actually have a display...

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On Seven Years as a Freelance Writer, or, How To Make Vitamin Soup

Happy birthday, and: a depressing but wonderful piece. As an aspiring freelancer fantasizing about the glamour of the clips you have it's somewhat of a relief to hear that even making it in the big names doesn't necessarily mean you're rich and comfortable...wait a minute.

Okay. Is the prestige of having your name in NYT worth living off actual starvation? Is it possible to manage a comfortable dayjob and a worthwhile freelance career? Maybe I am no longer so convinced that this has to be my one and only career option. Maybe writing is really the least worthwhile career possible (while being the most intrinsically necessary?)

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