On Ignore The Moon This Weekend, It Is Just Desperate For Attention

This can only be the language of a jilted ex.

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On What's it Like in Tokyo?

If there was a comparable nuclear incident in, say, Altoona or Rochester or Burlington, you'd best believe everyone in New York would be freaking the freak out.

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On The Albums of R.E.M.

I bought every one of their albums until Automatic for the People, which is where I concluded Michael Stipe's vague because he's trying to obscure just how much he's a pretentious dummy and a closet case.

This was an unfair conclusion made nearly twenty years ago when I myself was pretentious and (partly) closeted, but I've never returned to them--except for Accelerate, which I bought on a whim and found to be eh.

Murmur and Reckoning remain flawless.

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On That Northwestern "Human Sexuality" Class Was The Best Course I Ever Took

There's a wide and mysterious gulf between "Sexual abuse may not acutally ruin the lives of the abused to the degree we thought" and "If one of my daughters was molested, I would be devastated" that really needs to be mapped out.

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On Your Morning "Middle East" Primer

To make it all legible for everyone: Equitorial Guinea is what would happen if Charlie Sheen ran a tiny, oil-rich country.

Actually, can someone run a tiny, oil-rich country without being Charlie Sheen?

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On 10 Seconds of (Actually Possibly Not Funny) Grammys Coverage Ever

Yes, fight the real enemy: internet anecdotes.

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On Run, Jeb, Run!

I'm so relieved that he numbered his points because otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep track of them!

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On Have You Thought About Your Declining Fertility Yet Today?

Why hasn't Choire transformed that post into a screenplay yet?

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On "We Don't Expect Any Help From America, Just To Leave Us Alone."

But we hope and expect the American people – trade unions, professors' associations, student unions, activist groups, to come out in support of us.

Somebody didn't update their mental dossier on the American people and it's breaking my heart.

They might get a Twitter campaign, though! There's that!

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On Charlie Louvin, 1927-2011

Much as I love the Louvin Brothers, I kinda hate how the cover of Satan is Real always gets used as proof that boy, them yokels sure could be wacky about the devil!

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