On Dystopian Wisconsin: Who is Ron Johnson?

call me when Goldman Sachs leaves the White House and hit the campaign trail for Ron Johnson

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On Restoring Honor: The Rise of Mormonofascism

That is me, whoot!

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On Restoring Honor: The Rise of Mormonofascism

Islam > Mormonism its funny to see people become so unhinged however how its getting down to the point of "scary" and "creepy" dude. In this circle jerk, there are cries to denounce the evils of Mormonism while Islam keeps getting a free pass? Restoring the Honor was not a political rally however the Jockrideing of Glenn Beck is at such a all time high the poor guy might get fined of OSHA! Liberals heads are exploding however soon I fear the turn back into there "Weather Underground" phase. When you frame arguments with the likes of "Fascism, Nazis" or use the KKK as the antagonist you are only building the grounds for civil unrest that is G8/G20esk however unlike the targets being the Illuminati of Globalist, the enemy of the Welfare State has become the average American citizen. I see the gates of Hell are upon us...

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On Why Is American Selfishness So Widespread Now?

taxes taxes and taxes you gotta serve somebody

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On Real America: Target CEO Chooses "Business" over Gay Rights

after further review i've come to the conclusion that this is just political hacking for a cause... I'm trying to hardcore google these alleged ties and I'm just coming up empty drawing the conclusion they are just trying to scare the shit out of Target and Best Buy for giving money to anyone that is against gay marriage. Myself if gays want to marry go for it but these smear campaign against easy targets (no pun) only hurt the cause in the long run than help (see: The Mormons) and I fought Wal-Mart was the evil corporation

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