On Go, Carpet Tacks! The Very Best Baseball Team Names Of The Past

@andishplamo Another great name!

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On How Much More Do Baseball Players Make Today?

These are always great, but... this one! Can't wait for Opening Day.

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On Gorilla Will Paint For Grapes

I'll sculpt for wine.

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On Welcome To The New American Housing Bubble (In Coastal Elite Cities)

@deepomega A+ MOOC

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On Are You Still Waiting For Iraq War Apologies?

Which comes first: Iraq War apology or Awl Newsletter? Tell me in the comments

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On Man Probably Sorry His Name Causes Confusion

The "x" in Alex is silent.

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On Say Hi To Pope Francis: Jorge Mario Bergolio, Anti-Gay Activist

@freetzy Weighty.

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On At What Moment Of Our Temporal Existence Does This Evening's Athletic Competition Commence?

o tonght, epect o watc televsion aound he dusk eriod aterializing whn darknes ranspires.

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On Man Hates Self, Twitter

Choire will ruin your subtweet.

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On Ross Douthat on Abortion: A Case of Op-Ed Malpractice

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