On Do NOT Use An Umbrella For Snow, What Is WRONG With You?

@Captain Bringdown EXACTLY. " I don't know why we don't use umbrellas for snow as we do for rain, but THAT IS THE WAY THINGS ARE" is the worst logic for a thing ever. Different kinds of snow require different things, but some snow requires umbrellas.

Especially if you're wearing a wool coat that will smell like wet dog when all the snow melts on it.

But even when you're not. Sometimes an umbrella is the right choice in the snow. Make thoughtful decisions!

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1. I feel all gross and betrayed.

But 2. BuzzFeed didn't have anything to do with it. One of the dudes works there, but he kept it super secret from them. It was (is) just his day job. While he was fucking with all of our minds.

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On The Other Person Is You

This is really gorgeous. Thank you for writing it.

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On Michael Crichton's 'Sphere': The Power of Positive Thinking

I love Sphere and I loved Congo.

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On Watch Writers Get Rejected In Real Time

@callavere Even if it's not instructive - though I think it can be - it's comforting, at least. And that's worthwhile. To know that your submission is like a thousand others, getting read and considered on all the same criteria, rejected or not. Submitting work feels lonely and mysterious. Pulling back the curtain - without mockery of the writers, of course - is a generous act.

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On The Sunday Night Facebook Cooking Club

@Anne Smith@twitter I think the butter was the problem. It splattered and burned much worse than oil would've. I make a perfectly great roast chicken without high heat, though - the trick is to leave it uncovered in the fridge overnight. The skin dries out, so it crisps up much better. (There's also butter under the skin and olive oil rubbed on.)

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On The Sunday Night Facebook Cooking Club

@mrsteacherface Pulled pork is the easiest, I think. I like to mix up a spice rub with whatever flavors you like (I think I usually do something like cumin, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, salt, marjoram, oregano). Rub onto the meat, let it hang out in the fridge for a while if you have time. Brown it if you've got time and inclination. Slice some onions and put those on the bottom of your crock pot. Then put in the meat. I've sometimes also sliced an apple. Mix up some liquid - broth, juice, a little cider vinegar, people probably do beer or bbq sauce, whatever you like - and pour it over the meat. It doesn't have to cover it. Toss in some smashed garlic cloves. Cook maybe 8 hours on low? 10? The internet is also full of recipes, but this is pretty much what I do.

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On The Sunday Night Facebook Cooking Club

@robotosaur That is literally the cashew chicken recipe I worked from! I think I used coconut flour and then they turned out too floury? But it was pretty much a good recipe.

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On Some Other Conversations With A Fact-Checker

@theSprawl It's not the problem with creative nonfiction; it's the problem with John D'Agata.

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On Some Other Conversations With A Fact-Checker

@theSprawl People making it not nonfiction?

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