Kids today are becoming textually active at younger and younger ages.

On Man Too Lazy To Delete Things Diagnosed As "E-Hoarder"

Do E-Hoarding symptoms always manifest themselves alongside CHRONIC NECK-SWEAT?

Get this man a wet-nap!

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On Gay Disco Europop: Dennis, "Unbreakable"

Oh shit, are we doing exposed midriff + low-rise jeans again?

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On The Black Eyed Peas Are Back and You Have to Hear This Heinous Single!

The Black Eyes Peas have managed to tarnish nostalgia I don't even have.

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On Facebook's Facial Recognition Technology Not Completely Terrifying Yet

Well good. I was worried that The Social Network wouldn't have material for a sequel.

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On Janelle Monae, “Tightrope (Wondamix)” + Big Boi, "Follow Us"

Ooh! The new OnSmash video player is so much nicer than its predecessor.

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On J. Cole, "Who Dat"

It's on Vimeo, uploaded by the Director, so I think it's safe.


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On J. Cole, "Who Dat"

YASSSSS. This guy is from my hometown, and the video was filmed here in Fayetteville, NC. I'm really excited to hear that this song is getting play beyond our local airwaves.
This is the best thing to happen to Fayetteville since being mentioned in Petey Pablo's "Raise Up."

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On Former Gay Speaks (Well, Lisps) Against Gayness...


Oh man. There is a seven minute video where he shares his conversion testimony.
A pull quote:
"This man in the hospital, who was grotesque, and just puss and boils all over his body, and just completely naked and muscular even was growling and yelling at me, 'I'm gonna tear him apart!' and saying all these vile things he was gonna do, and I'm in the next room with the light off, tied down on a stretcher." Seriously, how is this not a Corky St. Clair anecdote?

Guess who's name he screamed the first time he had sex with his wife? (It wasn't his wife's name. obvs).

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On Freedom! Gucci Mane Enjoys Food, Publicity Upon Release

Someone please explain the guys at 1:53. Whose dads are those?
These dudes in the sportcoat brigade:

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On The Top 25 Things Strangers Have Said or Typed Upon Connecting with Me on ChatRoulette This Weekend

You just made his Monday, for sure!

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