On Exercise Is For Old People

Who says smoking and exercise are incompatible? I'm back to half a pack a day and just ran a half marathon, where I beat 765 out of the 787 other runners who probably don't smoke. Suckers.

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On Young Love

By "love" might you mean "the desperate attachment and self-abnegation demanded by the fear of loneliness and feeling of essential inadequacy, respectively?"

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On Liberal Teamster Thugs Want L.A. Bicyclists to Die!

@flossy Looks like chromakey green to me.

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On Consider The Waveform

I was into waveforms before they were cool. Now that they've gone mainstream, I'm more into spectrograms.

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On Tech Micro-Boom 2.0 Comes to Quincy, CA

I had to double check to make sure I didn't read it wrong, because it's the same story in Quincy, Washington -- not a lot of good, long-term jobs at plants built specifically for automation and remote control where human intervention is something you specifically try to engineer out of the system.

That said, data centers are keeping this aging hipster employed in San Francisco. So there's that.

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On Must-Reads: "The AOL Way" (To Create Spam Labor Camps)

Shit, I used to come up with my own ideas for stories for NBCBayArea.com (one of the NBC LIM sites in an O&O market near you) that paid $15 per. I thought it was just extra work for crappy pay to pitch my suggestions, but according to AOL, it was actually a privilege to have that sort of human agency!

That said, if AOL actually issues paychecks on a timely and regular schedule, it's miles ahead of NBC in terms of how contributors are treated.

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On Calorie Information For Booze: Let's Do It

Yes, except the way ethanol is metabolized, it's going to turn into visceral fat no matter how much or how little you eat or exercise, really. So you might fit into Stooges-era Iggy Pop jeans but have the metabolism of someone who needs to be turned over in bed with a forklift. Which I think in nutritionist circles is called "The New Yorker."

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On A Really Big Thing I Wish Wasn't True About New York City

The California NAACP is backing Proposition 19, the Tax Cannabis Act, here on the left coast. Besides the estimated $1.4 billion in revenue taxing weed would generate, it would also save the state an estimated $300 million in criminal justice costs -- essentially shaving around 8 percent off the state's current budget deficit.

To compound the problem, even a minor drug arrest disqualifies people for federal student loans, so criminalization also serves to deny people education opportunities.

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On How the Looming Specter of Viral Marketing Ruins Rap Songs About Consumer Goods

This is all genius, which is no surprise to Nation of Thizzlam readers. The only thing I have to add is that the "I Got it at Ross" seems a relevant example. I saw Abraham Linkin (more comedy troupe than hip-hop group) filming it on Market Street and at the time had one of those feelings of vertigo you get when you can't tell if something is a Ross-funded viral video ad or a parody of a Ross-funded viral video ad and/or brand-striving MCs.


"Where'd you get those new non-stick pans at? I got it at Ross!"

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On Downloadable "Organic" Labels Help You Feel Great About Consumption!

As a San Franciscan with no car who shops at the grocery outlet, let me be the first to volunteer to put these on the mayor's official 18.7mpg "hybrid" SUV limo.

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