On The Future Looks Back On 'Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story'

I feel this way about the unedited/PG-13 version Saving Silverman. Which is embarrassing to divulge. I also love the self titled Third Eye Blind album. People don't take you seriously when you describe it as "seminal."

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On How to Name Your Baby

I still haven't decided what to think about Denim and Bowie, even after this. I'm like, better than Apple or Blue, but also, Denim? Like, for real? But then, if he grows up to be ruggedly handsome, it might have some cool-amplifying effects.

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On Pusha T and Rick Ross, "Millions"

Pusha T just has that crazy eye that makes everything he says believable. That video for Exodus 23:1 was legitimately frightening. Makes it so much realer. Triller, even.

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On Rhye, "Open"

Yes, Dave is back! Moar Dave.

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On Cliffs, In Order

@jolie YES! This is a travesty!

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On Men With Things

I'm not sure whether I care about the movie or not, but this cypher that was created as a marketing tool for it is pretty dope.


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On Word Mispronounced

@Mount_Prion Meaning you have used it ever?

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On Word Mispronounced

@Lucky Jim Same. And then I try to say it as absurdly as possible. Makes for great drunk train rides.

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On Newly Artisanal Midtown

I worked in midtown for about two months in a temporary space when our company was moving. It made me terribly depressed. I work downtown now, and while I don't want to judge the people who have to work up there, good lord, it is infinitely less hive like. Less transient. Less outwardly filled with automata.

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On How to Deal with a Vicious Review of Your Book

@Annie K. #humblebrag (but also, not from experience, I can imagine that to be extremely true).

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