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On The 'Village Voice' Prepares for Strike While Ashton Kutcher Rages

"Because obviously the number of minors arrested for prostitution must somehow explain the number of minors in the sex business, right?"

The thing is, the arrest numbers are so much lower than the "estimates" that people throw around that either the estimates are wrong or police are unbelievably terrible at investigating underaged prostitution. If I understood that sentence right, I might be confused.

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On New Yorkers Predict: What Will Be This Summer's 'Ground Zero Mosque'?

I think "Alyssa" is less of a "student" and more of a "meth addict."

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On Maybe The Best Pizza In New York City

The "Best Pizza in NYC" debate is stupid because there are different kinds of pizza. DiFara's is like pilgrimage pizza, destination pizza, but what about when you just want a slice while you're walking? What if don't want one of those "authentic" slices at the moment but rather one of those slices that is loaded with bizarre toppings? I had a slice with sausage, smoked gouda, garlic, and mushrooms today in Williamsburg and it was great, but other times I all I want is good sauce and cheese. And one-dollar pizza is, of course, it's own genre.

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On 13 Things to Do This Weekend

I like how the Awl assumes everyone lives in New York City because, duh, everybody does. E

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On How To Spot A Williamsburg Trend Story

This isn't just about Jews and Palestinians--it's about unpretentious falafel versus a fancy seven-dollar sandwich with "pickled mango chutney" on it. The Oasis falafel sandwich is the best deal in that part of town, and I will picket this unsanctioned invasion of their territory if need be--charges of anti-Semitism be damned!

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On Dog And Goose Are Friends

Meh. Wake me up when they start fighting crime together.

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On The World's Most Disturbing Farmer's Market Trip

Is it messed up that I thought that this was a lot more whimsical than terrifying?*

Disclaimer: Like Weezy said, "I went to art school."

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On Pies, In Order

I know this will be controversial, largely due to the high ranking of pumpkin (both sweet and regular) but I agree with this list. Where's humble and cow though?

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On Anna Faris Movie Trailer Like A+ Sizzle Reel for Anna Faris

So, this movie is a movie of 1/3 of High Fidelity, but with the genders reversed and more "wacky" gags? Looks like a good, NBC-riffic cast though.

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