On What It's Really Like To Be A Copy Editor

Of course, I'm aware that I switched verb tenses as well in my comment. Now I have mistakes on my tiny plot of internet.

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On What It's Really Like To Be A Copy Editor

Based on what usually goes on in these comment sections, you will be prone to take this question as a joke or as snark. Honestly, I'm coming palms up (palms-up?) with a grammar question. You wrote:

It was my one-day-if-I-work-really-hard goal, but when I did the requisite round of informational interviews for jobs in New York, I paid a visit there as well. I was introduced to the copy chief, who oversees fact-checking and copyediting, and I mentioned that I was far more interested in the latter. The former, with its inherent asking-questions-of-strangers, makes me incredibly uncomfortable, even when it's just "Are you still located at 123 Some Street?"

First of all, I noted that you correctly hyphenate fact-checking and correctly abstained from hyphenating copyediting. My question is this: Do you think it's incorrect to switch verb tenses in the middle of the paragraph. You go from past (for example, "paid" "was introduced" ) to the present ("makes") Obviously, you were trying to say it still makes you uncomfortable. But there are those who would say this is not a good enough reason to switch verb tenses in the same paragraph. What do you think? (I loved your piece.)

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On Real America: Why Target Supports Tom Emmer

Excellent article Abe. You were very fair while praising and critiquing Target. Moreover, you allowed Target the chance to clarify the seeming gap between their values and their political donations. (I'm heartbroken that they didn't.) I think they used to call this journalism.

I have a question: when you commented parenthetically that the Target statement was unedited, were you referring to certain mistakes? I see a lot of bland equivocation, but nothing grammatically offensive. Just curious.

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