On An Oral History Of Gawker, By Reddit

This is hilarious. I went to Reddit for the first time in literally months yesterday because someone was apparently trash-talking me there in a thread about...Gawker. Decided I still wasn't aspie enough to make sense of their interface, and left.

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On 50 Shades Of “Argh”

This is didactic, I know, but "argh" is actually an okay word in British English, where it is pronounced like an emphatic "ah." You begin to see where it fits?

It's like "er," which also occurs a lot in books, but which people in North America never say unless they learned to talk from books, like a fucking wolf in the forest or something. In Amercia and Canuckistan, we say "uh" like intelligent people.

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On Chupacabras Recreating In Texas Park

Did you know there's an actual stuffed Blue Dog? http://www.forteantimes.com/features/fbi/6298/texas_blue_dogs.html

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On When "Trigger Warning" Lost All Its Meaning

@The Dependent Clause Yes, this exists. Newspapers don't want to use it, of course, because it costs money to buy, costs money to run, and screaming racism is always good for hits as long as it's in the comments section.

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On When "Trigger Warning" Lost All Its Meaning

Wait...isn't EVERY post on Jezebel labeled "TRIGGER WARNING" by default?

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On Cop-Taunting Is Tacky

Nowadays you need to use a skim latte and a low-fat muffin. But you only catch bike cops.

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On "You don't have to move to Silicon Valley to date the next Mark Zuckerberg."

They're all twentysomething, so why do they all look fortysomething?

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On The Night Occupy Los Angeles Tore Itself In Two


Do you seriously mean to say that people in the US rent hotel rooms just to smoke weed?

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On Sexy Snape In Love: Five Secondary Characters Who Dominate 'Harry Potter' Fan Fiction

And don't forget Julian Assange:

Yer a Wizard, Julian

No, seriously.

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On My Ten-Point Action Plan for Spending One Million Dollars at Tiffany

@Gloria Dube@facebook I think I must have one of those. I seriously must.

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