On Fun With New York Times Numbers

In this case, "Broadly Comparable," means paid in dollars. We at the Times pay most women in babies and white wine. You know, stuff they care about.

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On The Infinite Lives of 'Jolene'

Another response from Jolene came out this year from Esme Patterson as part of her Woman to Woman album. It's called Never Chase a Man.

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On House Open

Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Brooklyn.

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On You Slept With Too Many Men At Work, And Other Reasons Why You Ladies Are Single

@justaguy Never again...In our early twenties. There are so many more decades in which to make the mistake.

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On Meet The Awl

Well, does this mean I have to fall in love with these new people? I don't think my commenter number is low enough to speak dismissively of "the new people."

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On Chopped Salad Toppings, In Order

Move the beets or you're gonna get death-paneled.

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On Bret Easton Ellis—Or Dr. Seuss? The Quiz

82%, I'm a freaking scholar.

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On iPads Make Kids Not Have So Much Of The Words

k, butt, aren't a bunch of words in english like extra and stuff.

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On Death To Zombies

This seems like an article pulling too hard to say that a movie that isn't very good does a bad job of addressing an issue which the author does a bad job of proving it's trying to address.

With the global north's addiction to worries about immigration, disease spread (OH MY GOD MALARIAL MOSQUITOES IN THE US!!!!), shifting hegemony, and changes in global economies; don't you think there are a number of possible underlying themes?

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On Will You Welcome Your New Silicon Valley Emo-Choad Oligarch Government?

How is this different from the current crop of isolated super-rich who run our country?

I mean other than the fact that these people think sweatshirts are appropriate work attire.

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