Just your average nicotine-addicted New Yorker

On Happy Candlemas! Margarita Cupcakes with Tequila Shooter Toppers

I guess Drynuary is over then.

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On An Easy Three Step Plan for Gawker Users After the Hack

Can someone please hack my Gawker account so that I have permission to comment again?

Posted on December 13, 2010 at 10:24 am 2

On New Diablo Cody Chat Show Features Jason Bateman, Wheat Thins

He doesn't look a day over 41.

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On The Last Day In The Office

The surrounding neighborhood basically exists to serve lunch to office workers. There are tons of options!

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On Ross Douthat Finds Our Chewy Moral Center

Or inversely, things that should be illegal the you should do sparingly, like cocaine.

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On Very Warm Feelings Had About Mike Bloomberg!

A couple of my liberal friends actually made the, "yeah, but why did they have to build it there?" argument this weekend. Why is this not simple to some people?

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On Anthony Weiner and His Mayoral Dreams

I would like to think that Weiner actually feels a little something for people who selflessly dealt with the horrible aftermath of 9/11 and are now dying penniless because of it. He seems like a human being to me.

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On The Problem With Addiction Memoirs

Chill out! Have a drink.

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On 'The Big Money' Runs Out Of Such

Come on, don't you want to know that the thing you thought was true is true, but for a different reason than you thought?

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On The Problem With Addiction Memoirs

Yeah, what about the guy who rolls out of bed hungover, switches on his computer by 10:30 or so and posts 3 or 4 bear videos before knocking off early for some hair of the dog?

Where can I pre-order this book?

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