On The Republican Party's Rape Problem

Funny stuff, Mike, but in reality a candidate who is better prepared for the inevitable "gotcha!" abortion question is what good candidates need, as admirable and helpful as your snark is here.

A simple answer like “I stand behind the right to life of the unborn.” or this “The baby is not the aggressor. The rapist is." Solves the problem quite nicely IMHO. It's also morally clear. And easily defendable. And makes the questioner move on to the next question.

Sadly, both Akin and Mourdock, the inspirations for your piece, weren't adequately prepared to answer those questions - either because they improperly rehearsed/advised or fundamentally didn't believe in what they were saying - in which case, it's a good thing both men lost.

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On Teen Brains Fluctuatey

Sample size of 33? ummm...maybe we expand the size of it before jump to too many conclusions.

Murray & Herrnstein had a sample size of 280,000 for the Bell Curve, so if you want to start with sample size, that's a good one to go with.

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On Shallow 'Rolling Stone' Hit Piece is Just What Michele Bachmann Needed

@davidwatts "Michelle Bachmann, on the other hand, is a lifelong political animal who knows how to get power, and desperately wants more of it."

LOL. More hacky insights about political candidates, please. I love how one side is always lusty in its pursuits of power while the other side is fighting for truth and justice. Puhleeze.

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On Exactly Which Enemy Did Bradley Manning Aid?

The only enemy aided I can think of is good taste. That glow stick went out style in 1996.

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On The Republican Plan For Jobs

The point this post is making is so stupid it's not even worth the time to redress. IF WE STOP GOVERNMENT SPENDING WE WON'T HAVE ANY JOBS OH NO. Morons.

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On YouTube Delivers Fresh High School Violence Every Day

Conservative: A liberal mugged by reality.


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On Bush Team Still Not Sure Who's Responsible For Everything Going To Shit

Did he have a rubber stamp on immigration reform? How about social security reform?

Nice try though.

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On Ken Mehlman: I'm a Virgin

As shocking as the article's conclusions!

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On Ken Mehlman: I'm a Virgin

Dammit. They deleted the article. My apologies. But the title of the piece in Editor and Publisher from 2006 was:

"'NYT' Sunday Preview: Ken Mehlman is 'Anal-Retentive, Man!' Says Karl Rove," Editor & Publisher, September 22, 2006.


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On Ken Mehlman: I'm a Virgin

Totally incorrect.


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