On Pizza Toppings, In Order

the jews do not approve.
and during sukkot too! for shame.

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On I'm Not Even Going To Fight Willow Smith

I, for one, am still fighting it.


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On The Death of Charisma Man

Next market: China!

Or did ChinaBounder already ruin that for us?

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On Seven Years as a Freelance Writer, or, How To Make Vitamin Soup


love, the best comment.

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On Yours is a Very Bad Press Release

And yet how many people went to that website upon finishing the release?
Maybe Lyman PR knows what they're doing.

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On What The iPad Says About Who You Are

But don't we want to not be poor? Or have we given up the dream?
...SO independent right now.

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On "Let Me In" Trailer Provokes, Assuages Suspicions


Yes. Especially if you can make a disdainful comment towards someone who watched the dub.

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On "Let Me In" Trailer Provokes, Assuages Suspicions

Nothing I hate more than movies getting remade.
Case in point: This new Hobbit movie. Um, we've had that movie for decades, guys. And I can almost guarantee the "Funny Little Birds" song will NOT be in the remake, especially if that dolt Peter Jackson is the director.
Hollywood just can't leave well enough alone.

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On New Robyn Video: "Hang With Me"


Also I obviously have no idea how the reply system works.

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On New Robyn Video: "Hang With Me"

I'll concede to you that record sales are not the only method of defining what is or is not mainstream - but I would argue that "people who like music" drive record sales far more than you seem to give them credit for. There are, obviously, plenty of non-American multi-platinum artists..which I think is an indication of those artists' levels of 'mainstreaminess'. But we differ in our definition, so no reason to argue.

And oh lord, people who only like artists due to their lack of 'being mainstream' are the worst kind, and the ones who would define 'people who like music' as an elite few who only listen to what KEXP say is hot that afternoon.

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