On "Showgirls" Is A Good Movie

Verhoven is generally good, but Showgirls is certainly not. Are the scare quotes around 'Director's Cut' for Blade Runner and Apocalypse Now trolling? Scott and Coppola had clear, documented directions for their projects, then others intervened. If these films are majorly flawed, then all films are.

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On Haim, "If I Could Change Your Mind"

Going to agree with LondonLee here. I think the problem for me is that Haim feels too LA glossy/overproduced. A bit more sonically challenging, but for new borderline pop stuff, I like Wolf Alice a lot.

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On How To Get Rid Of Bad Memories

Mitchell and Webb made the only compelling argument for moderate drinking I've seen to date: Slightly less than two drinks

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On Local Lodges Fail To Meet The All-Important "Will Hookers Sleep There" Metric

Occasional awl writer David Roth touched on this months ago with significantly more intentional humor than the post is capable of: sbnation article

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On Pretty People Are Better: Science

The premise is interesting, but the descriptors seem different, and more specific, than those used in some other 'science of beauty' articles - symmetry and youthful features.

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On Tomato/Potato Hybrid Completely Natural And Safe, Says Man Who Is Almost Certainly Not A Prisoner Of A Gigantic Tomato/Potato Hybrid Monster Bent On Enslaving Humanity

Any speculation on where this will fall on the list of french fries in order?

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On TechCrunch: Journalists Or Startup Shills? You Decide

As an Awl reader, I certainly support the Awl side in this feud, but the idea of 'a reporter "coming after" the subject of the reporting' isn't particularly strange in modern journalism, as the increasing currency of the term 'hit piece' shows.

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On "Nothing's Shocking" Is 25

I've been keeping up on awl bear news but not on olds music reminiscence - was the Surfer Rosa / Pixies 25th already covered?

Also, "hoppy-hop and screechy robot noises" is probably the most accurate discription of Skrillex I've seen.

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On Wacky Japanese Beers Inspire Sedate American Revulsion

@BadUncle Or Budweiser & Clamato? http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/29/37389

Actually, Asahi Super Dry is excellent if you get the Japanese version and not the made-in-Canada-for-north-american-markets version (same with sapporo), so I would be up for trying any odd mix their R&D puts out.

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On How Has New York City's Real Estate Boom Treated The Homeless?

This was a story back in February (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/09/nyregion/for-some-landlords-real-money-in-the-homeless.html) and seemed scammy then - why is the city paying above market rate (3k for single bedroom rentals) in the outer boroughs and Harlem; why don't they buy or build more public housing?

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