On Octopus Steals Camera, Swims Away, Directs First Film

I really like this video. Thanks, Mister Bry.

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On Maybe West Virginia And Virginia Should Switch Places

To push back a little on what Mistah Lee said above, the "People's Republic of Northern Virginia" doesn't extend past Falls Church, much less out to Centreville. Even us Northern Virginians voted for McDonnell - he carried Fairfax in the election, and Fairfax is pretty much the linchpin these days. Maybe he'll support Brian Moran the next time around.

And Lynchburg's 'burbs voted in Tom Perriello, so they step up.

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On Gandhi Was A Big Freak

Salt-N-Pepa's Lonely Mahatma Band?

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On A Farewell to America's Ballpark Organists

Wow. Losing 11-1 on opening day. We can write off this decade, as well.

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On A Farewell to America's Ballpark Organists

Do it for the rest of us, Cran.

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On A Farewell to America's Ballpark Organists

"Organist Gladys Gooding" was the answer to an old Trivial Pursuit question about who played for the Rangers and Knicks in the same season (or something).

That answer prompted the response: "What the hell kind of a first name is 'Organist'?"

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On Silvio Berlusconi Wins Again

I look forward to Beppe Grillo's future career as the Al Franken of Italy.

I also look forward to the Awl's continuing coverage of all things Silvio. Che bello.

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On It's That Very Special Time of the Year: Name of the Year!

The fact that it's Ms. Spontaneous Gordon in question adds as certain 'je ne sais quoi' to her candidacy.

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On 'Treme' Trailer Unrevealing, Yet Tantalizing

I wonder how much of this is Simon versus Wendell Pierce ("Bunk" Moreland), who is from New Orleans and I think I remember doing post-Katrina fund-raising.

Either way, I'll spring for some feathers and glitter for the decoupage.

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On The Neighborhood Is Changing

I like the giant monstrosity over the former Virgin Records. It's like a light mental palette cleanser - white noise for the left brain.

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