On Fit Of Pique

Are there any Stealth Mountain-like things that correct people when they use "apropos" to mean "appropriate"? Because it's rampant, and wrong.

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On The Great, Forgotten Sci-Fi Novel About The End Of The World

Yeah, I was going to say you can't have a conversation about post-apocalyptic Catholic sci-fi novels without Canticle coming into play. It's a beautiful book, and deals with a much more apocalyptic kind of apocalypse--nukes and a popular anti-intellectual uprising that leads to scientist killings and another Dark Age.

Canticle is not, however, particularly critical of the Church as the Church--it more takes it as a setting of a particular kind of thought for particular kinds of people and runs with it (so a humanist take on monasticism?).

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On The Golden Age Of Dirty Talk

I think the comparison's apt, both in that the internet scrawls are proper writing (see above) and that the "proper writing" talked about here is pretty much the equivalent of internet scrawls!

The only real use I've found for any EEBO trolling I've done has been comparing the explosion of print in the 17th century to the explosion of the internet now. There were very few editors, an army of printers, and pretty much anything could get a pamphlet run.

It'd be interesting to see if there's been a big clampdown on freaky writing/euphemisms between the alt press of the '60s and the internet today. I think, as with many things, the problem might be that the means of publication are now primarily controlled by tech nerds, a posse not known for its interest in wordplay beyond log (cabins) or dumb t-shirts, plus something about the internet being made mass-accessible by big corporations and established news organizations. And maybe, because there are so many more internetters than pamphleteers, there's pressure to "speak reasonably" to be heard?

Also, if you couldn't tell, I love these posts.

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On Tokyo Jihen, "Atarashii Bunmei Kaika"

Best song by them, check it out:


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On Sauropod Swindle! The Monstrous Lies of "The World's Largest Dinosaurs"

@Werner Hedgehog Yeah, have to agree with WH, it maybe mimicked a bit too well, tone and time-wise. Talk about burying the lede! Or any sense of concision! Joke about archaeology!

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On Let's Blame The Weather

The exact same thing's happened to me in the past few weeks. I think it might be pollen, too? There was that study this past winter with the nasal allergies-suicidal depression link.

In Tokyo, where the trains are famously on-schedule, April/May are famous for all the delays caused by suicides on the tracks. The typical explanation is that it's about 1 month after recent college grads started their corporate jobs out of school, enough time for them to have realized that their lives have been, are, and will continue to be meaningless. But! It's a nation of pretty endemic allergies, so I wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with it, too.

Either way, keep an eye on mta.info.

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On Reporter Has New Job Reporting

Might not be updated online, but news is out!


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On When They Say "Everyone" Must Sacrifice, They Mean Poor People

Ah, shit, looks like the book only comes in paperback, though—how's it gonna break windows?

Actually, though, as much as I'd like to do Londonish protests, the problem where the majority of politically-minded people who live in DC work in politics, and all the students in DC are there because they want to work in politics eventually, seems hard to overcome without shipping a bunch of people in. And our train system sucks!

So, any ideas where to protest/occupy in NYC?

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On When They Say "Everyone" Must Sacrifice, They Mean Poor People

p.s. I would also be happy with some guidance on how to whip up lefty populist frenzy.

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On When They Say "Everyone" Must Sacrifice, They Mean Poor People

Hey, so, how should I go about stopping this?

For real, it's pretty clear that everything already sucks, and people are actively trying to make it suck more. It seems pretty monumentally difficult to stop the things that already suck, but maybe it's time for some left-leaning activity to plug this shithole before it's law?

Please guide me, Chris Lehmann! I am saying that completely in earnest!

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