On Footnotes of Mad Men: Mrs. Draper, You've Got a Lovely Daughter

I just posted this on Gawker. Now I get to make a fool of myself on both sites. If you have friends or frenemies who still post there, please ask them to abstain for a week.

I know, I'm a fool.

"Could you refrain from posting here for a week? Take your Mad Men/Top Chef comments to another site? Well, c'mon, would it ruin your life? I think the Awl could provide alternatives.

Why? Because I don't think Gawker should have taken Betty Crocker's star away. They'll probably fall all over themselves to give it back tomorrow, thinking he has had a sufficiently humiliating time out. Way to treat one of the most valued commenters, Denton.

That's how we lost the wonderful Bookish, and I don't want to lose Betty.

Memo to Nick & his underpaid "editors:" I'm all for some decorum on the posts, and I've gone a bit too far at times, and so did Betty this time.

However, this site is written by the commenters, not the mods. Generally, the standard of excellence comes from the commenters.

Let's not visit Gawker for a week. I will find this very difficult. But let's teach them who brings in the money. It isn't Denton or his underpaid scribes. It's us. Let him know what a week of low-hits looks like."

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On Help Me, For I Have Pine Mouth!

I really didn't have any food allergies until a friend and his GF showed up and made a miracle salad, wonderful dinner, etc. The next day, I woke up with a head-to-toe rash. Pine nuts. Stay away from those things!

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On 'Miami Herald' Building Covered In Giant 'Toy Story 3' Ad

I have to pass the MH HQ everytime I head to Miami, and trust me: Anything they put on that building looks better than the original. That is one ugly building.

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On Pretty Actress Performs Black Ops Tabloid PR for TV Show's Return

Oh excellent! It's back on July 25?

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On Pretty Actress Performs Black Ops Tabloid PR for TV Show's Return

Oh c'mon, we all know that driving while intoxicated was the norm in the early 60s. Besides which, the DM says she walked (3 blocks) back to her apartment, called the police, and walked back to the scene.

No love from me for JJ, but this was not a LiLo kind of crash.

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On Pretty Actress Performs Black Ops Tabloid PR for TV Show's Return

No. No, you can't.

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On How To Speak English

That wasn't amusing. This is the next great thing in comedy?

All he can come up with is "I couldn't care less" is correct usage? Anyone with a basic education - on either side of the pond - knows that.

As for "Hold the fort," hmm. I spent the first two decades of my life speaking British English and the next three speaking American English. I have NEVER heard the expression "Hold the fort." It's always been "hold down the fort," as nonsensical as it may be, and on both sides of the pond too.

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On 'Times' Makeup Tips: OMG, Foundation is Haaaaaard

@bookish: I tried it a few years ago and thought it looked great in the mirror, until I saw what it looked like in photos. Whatever minerals they put in it reflect back flash bulb lights so your face looks like you are in geisha makeup. It's not just me - there was a pic around the time of ScarJo on the red carpet looking hideous, and a few makeup artists chimed in that she was probably using this product.

So, fine for everyday use, but I would never wear it to a wedding again!

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On Whodunit? It Was Sally Quinn in the Labyrinth with the Lead Pipe

Crap. I'm late to the party as usual, but I'd like to propose a toast to Ben Bradlee Sr. Father of the Year. We all know Sally's a twat, but her husband gets away with all kinds of crap.

Let's see:
(1) Married first wife (Jean) and quickly divorced, leaving his first son, Ben Jr., to be raised by his mother and step-father. Ben Sr. and Ben Jr. are now officially estranged.
(2) Married wife #2 (Tony, short for Antoinette). Had a son (Dino) and daughter (Marina). Dino is also estranged from his father, as evidenced by his contributions to the article. Ben has met his six-year-old twin grandsons once? Sure, they live in different states. Ben Sr. lives in about four different states every year.
(3) Met Sally, had an affair, dropped Tony. Also dropped then-teenaged Dino who got his first glimpse of evil step-mom-to-be when he saw her taking his place in the owner's box of some sporting event where his father used to take him. Dino lived with Tony until he went to college.
(4) Senior just issued a book, Fathers and Sons, in which (per the article, I'm not buying the book) Ben and Dino get a token acknowledgement up front but are otherwise not mentioned. It's the same thing in his memoir, A Good Life. Try searching the index for mentions of his first two sons.
(5) Most damning of all: the quote in the VF article, when asked why his two eldest sons are not mentioned in a memoir called, Fathers and Sons, his response was: "My children all know that Sally Quinn has made me enormously happy for 30-umpteen years, and that is more important to them than anything else, I think." I think not, Ben. It does not sound that way.

You know when Ben kicks the bucket he will get an above-the-fold, page 1 obit. I wonder what they will say about him. Sure, he was editor of the WaPo during Watergate, but let's face it, it was Woodstein who broke it and Kay Graham who authorized it. Apart from that one accomplishment, Janet Cooke? It remains a mystery why this man has ever been relevant or celebrated.

Spare me the Boston Brahmin crap. If the Bradlee family is so rich, how come they don't appear in the Forbes 400? And how can the article describe Bradlee Sr. as "descended" from Frank Crowninshield, the founder of Vanity Fair, who was gayer than Nick Denton? He was a distant gay great-uncle.

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On Just How Fashionably Detached Do You Need To Be?

That's what I do, too. Lots of free shows on Hulu, and I buy season passes on iTunes for Mad Men. Saves mad money!

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