On It's a Boy Brawl! Mark Ames v. Malcolm Harris

His depiction of an Occupy movement consisting of a legion of faceless Malcolm Harris-like creatures and led by Malcolm Harris himself would be horrifying if it bore any relationship to reality.

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On The Latest Sad Fate of an Aggregation Serf

@Lance The specific mistakes are afterthoughts. I find it odd that you found the story to make "some wonderful points" when you missed some of the main ones.

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On Names On Birth Certificates Of GOP Presidential Candidates

Call me old-fashioned, but I think one's name ought to be either John or Jonathan, with the latter having the option of being shortened informally to Jon. None of this just-plain-Jon stuff on birth certificates. It's stuff like this that's the gateway to Jhon's and Johnathan's and Jonatan's.

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On Eleven Eleven Eleven

These issues aren't black and white. If you have a moment, I'd like to talk to you about one thousand one hundred and eleven.

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On 'Exile On Main Street,' In Order

I was all set to object, looking at the lowest few rankings, but I realized it's just because every song is so good...as others have suggested Let it Loose is too low.

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On Six Authors Who Were Copywriters First

Brendan Behan didn't work as a copywriter per se, but he arranged to write a slogan for Guinness in exchange for a few crates of the product. He drank that and offered the slogan, "Guinness makes you drunk." Allegedly.

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On Dear Vancouver, Please Don't Boo Our National Anthem

The waiting is the hardest part. The waiting, not the leaving.

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On Do You Guys Even Know What Kind of Collar Your Shirt Has?

The paper collar: for when you are spending the day in an F. Scott Fitzgerald story.

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On 111 Male Characters Of British Literature, In Order Of Bangability

I imagine Sherlock Holmes would devote too much attention to checking for moles and other odd, unsatisfying things.

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On British Women Will Not Be Calmed

Just because phrases exist already in the culture does not mean you can use them without repercussions. As Gordon Brown learned after inserting a "bitch, please," into one of his PMQ's.

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