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On Seven Years as a Freelance Writer, or, How To Make Vitamin Soup

I've romanticized the hell out of freelance writing. I did freelance web design for a while and hated it. I like to think I'd fare better with words than pictures.

The main detractor of me pursuing it was a combination of semi-cushy (but thoroughly soul-crushing) office jobs taking up my daylight and sheer terror.

Unemployment month two is now over, and with approximately $40 to my name, now I think it's time I went for broke, so to speak.

After reading this, I'm still terrified - but at least now I know what to be terrified of. So, thanks.

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On The Job Board: Have a Job? Want One? Inquire Within!

Upon closer inspection of the comments here (I'm still getting use to the idea that there are comments "worth reading" on places like The Awl), I suppose I ought to throw up some stuff I've done. Made. Written. Whatever.

Fearing I may make a fool of myself by attempting unsupported HTML, y'all're gettin' raw links.

Casual longform piece where I explore my and others' experiences as a synesthete:

My dissection of schadenfreude as a recreational activity for an entire generation:

Quantum mechanics is for lovers!

Lamenting my ennui of classical music:

And finally, some sci-fi pulp with ROBOTS

So uh hey I will write for you, and though I am aware that I'm just a child with a tumblr, even an 'internship' could be the kick in the ass I need to make more words come out of me. Sorry I missed the boat on that "hiring everyone who applies, lol!" internship rollcall earlier, Choire - I was busy being unemployed while ignoring some of the internet for a while.

Also I've been an accountant for five years now, I guess.

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On The Job Board: Have a Job? Want One? Inquire Within!

I want to make a living through writing or musicking or at least do something maker-y as my bread and butter, but I can't get out of my head the idea that I need a "day job" before I can focus on honing my maker skills to commodity standards.


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