On Car Commercial Perplexing, Disturbing

@carpet "then again i suppose i never felt the need to broadcast those thoughts to the internet." And yet, here we are.

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On Is Andre 3000 Better At Rap Than Biggie Was?

Kilgore Trout seems like a fun guy.

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On Your Life Sucks: A Recent History of "The New Niceness"

@Lockheed Ventura You're giving Koons way too much credit. Look up any of his statements on his art (the New Yorker piece from four or five years back has a bunch), and it's all a mishmash of "sacred heart of Jesus," "ephemeral nature," and "child-like wonder." He simultaneously claims that his work is meant to have no meaning, so there's that.

Also, he conceived of and made the tulips more or less contemporaneously with the balloon dogs, hanging hearts, etc. (the "Celebration" series), so it's not like it's some sort of secret meta-joke on the success of those pieces and the chumps who buy them. And for an "obvious homage," I've never seen another reference to Koons and the Dutch tulip crash.

Dude's a kitsch-monger, no doubt, and he's gotten masterful at marketing his work, but he's about as "punk rock" as Jim Davis. See also: his plan to ruin the High Line.

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On Emmys Stunner! "Revenge" Gets Shut Out!

Modern Family's adult actors: apparently better and more worthy than anyone on any other series.

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On 142 Distinctly Non-Threatening Rap Names

Can we get an honorary listing for Common dubbing Drake "Canada Dry"?

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On Bad Times For Mexico

@deepomega Unless you pick los Locos. Those guys are alright. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rxlidAR3Fw

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On Someone Please Help Kurt Andersen Off The Floor

@jfruh The Five Best Things about Registering a Trademark with Your Dad

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On Someone Please Help Kurt Andersen Off The Floor

@Cooper Alright, as best as I can surmise from some minimal googling, he's 24 or 25 and from the DC suburbs. His dad is listed as the attorney for the trademark. The listings with the two of them linked have Chris as 24. I was hoping he was some 60-year-old svengali, like Lou Pearlman, but oh well.

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On Someone Please Help Kurt Andersen Off The Floor

"Lavergne himself casts an interesting figure, unwilling to disclose his own age or much of his background." I know it's completely meaningless, but I suddenly really need to know (and publicize) Chris Lavergne's age.

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On Your Fascination With Fire

@KenWheaton A corollary! And then there were the kids in my neighborhood whose matches wound up burning down two or three acres of backyard forest. So they're probably the rare cases that managed to quench their fascination.

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