On The Student Loan Shark Business

How about read a fucking contract once in awhile. prepayment penalties exist on many different types of loans. I agree they are horrible for the borrower, but they do serve a purpose. the lender knows (somewhat) how long the duration of the asset will be. I know college kids are financially ignorant (I was for sure, but with credit cards). we should start teaching kids in high school basic personal finance. The whole system is set up to fuck the student. Sorry, it just pisses me off to no end how everyone but the student is getting theirs, ugh. Friday

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On There Is No "Manslaughter" Charge in Financial Firm Incompetence

Yeah, sorry, but you don't get to back up your work off site with this kind of code.

In this instance there is what you can prove and what you are unable to in court. You have to prove intent to defraud or steal. You can't prosecute an accident (a very very bad one) in these types of cases. I don't know why anyone would give Corzine a job, public or otherwise. He's blown up almost everything he's touched. Same goes for the LTCM guys.

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On This Manhattan Place Sounds Affordable

I'm scared sh*tless that I'm going to priced out of my very cheap 1 bd in Brooklyn Heights. I've looked and it's ridiculous what apts are going for.

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On What Kind Of Wine Do You Want?

and that right there is everything wrong with the wine critics' world (see also wine snob).

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On Chains Evil

boyofdestiny is correct. Just gimme the food.

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On Man Bad

Thanks, but my doctor says I'm good.


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On Atheists Not Inhuman Monsters: Study

Don't worry, there is a study for every type of person. Just wait and I'm sure you'll find one that fits.

people are stoopid.

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On The Five Nuttiest Things Mike Bloomberg Said Today So Far

"I live in one place"

- the IRS knows this

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On Liberal Teamster Thugs Want L.A. Bicyclists to Die!

Hollywood: we like "green" until it f's with our money. Do NOT f' with our money.

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On Andrew Breitbart Died?

@Lockheed Ventura Antoine Dodson concurs

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