On Ask Polly: How Do I Find True Love And Stop Dating Half-Assed Men?

Where do all the comments keep disappearing to?

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On Recipe Appealing

@Jimkrunk We do the same thing but with baby bella mushrooms in lieu of leeks, they give it a beautiful earthy flavor and soak up the pork fat too. I want to try leeks next time; that sounds great.

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On With Ron Paul, Fighting for Minnesota

@Julian Alien Here we see Julian Alien at age five, signing a tuition check for his first day of private school.

Julian Alien, growing food so nothing he ingests is sullied with government subsidies. Paving his own roads. Putting out fires and fighting crime in his neighborhood, sweat running down his back. Paying his own way in life.

Julian Alien, deciding who should and shouldn't be having sex, while decrying governmental intervention into one's private lives.

Julian Alien, doesn't care if YOUR state wants to provide women's contraception. Don't ask him what he'd do if HIS state passed such a provision.

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On With Ron Paul, Fighting for Minnesota

@melis I want to marry you.

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On With Ron Paul, Fighting for Minnesota

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On With Ron Paul, Fighting for Minnesota

@Niko Bellic Yes yes yes. Paul doesn't seem to recognize that part of the Constitution is affording protections - free speech, religion, privacy- that the states simply can't. Or, you know, the states may not. Paul's perfectly happy with anti-sodomy laws, anti-abortion laws, gay marriage bans, as long as they're at a state level! He's got no interest in protecting people against discrimination in the form of harassment or lower wages, etc. He's elevated "personal responsibility" to something that completely overrides social responsibility.

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On The Scourge Of Pour-Over Coffee

@bocadelperro I don't think it's Blue Bottle representing themselves as an NY based company- I think it's an oversight on the author's part. If I recall from a visit to their Williamsburg location, a lot of their beans and things are named after stuff from the Bay Area so they're repping the West Coast pretty hard.

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On Dreaming In Stereo: Why 3D Is Here To Stay

Just because it's hard to see the magic of those old stereoscopic images on a computer screen, I made a gif out of that Mark Twain image:

I'm a sucker for these; my dad has a box in the attic somewhere that I might have to get him to dig out when I'm home for the holidays.
I'm super skeptical of 3D as it currently exists, but excited about the future of it. There's a magic in seeing something like that come to life in a way that the most beautiful 2D image never quite gets; if we can get through the cheesy garish phase we're currently in, I think there's potential.

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On The Woodcutter on the Dole

@antarcticastartshere Same, and agreed! I loved how she didn't just write about the politics and government of the societies, but of the effects on the actual people living under them. Her characters are so human.

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On Herman Cain Slogans from the Internet, In Order

@Clarence Rosario Just HTML seemed to do the trick! It works for linkies too.

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