On Woman Refuses To Pretend That Brooklyn Is As Good As Manhattan

"The two most boring things in the world to me are civic pride and civic rivalry" -- Louis CK: https://soundcloud.com/louisck/civic-pride-and-civic-rivalry

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On Don't Give The MTA That Metrocard Dollar!

This "could put more pressure on transit officials to make system improvements or restore service that was cut three years ago."

And this is a *bad* thing? Explain.

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On The Murders And The Journalists

@leonora rubin "Just read Fatal Vision people, as I wish this writer had done before writing the piece."

From the piece: "I read the three other major books on the case" (i.e., Fatal Vision, Fatal Justice, and the Journalist and the Murderer). The piece quotes McGinniss directly, providing a page number.

Also, it's McGinniss, not McGuinness.

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On Your 'Girls' Window Is Closing

Sure, because of course we always stop talking about interesting TV shows, novels, movies, and such as soon as the designated media window for their discussion has closed. Right?

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On Two Important New Ebooks: Alex Pareene on Romney--and Kitty Glitter Strikes Again

Pretty sure Mitt and Ann left Belmont several years ago.

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On Best Movie Closing Songs, In Order

@rj77 "Just in Time" (Nina Simone) from Before Sunset

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On House That Looks Like Hitler: The Story Behind The Story

Net "frenzy"? Net furor, surely.

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On 41 Movie Remakes That Would Destroy What Remains Of My Youth, In Order Of Heartbreak

My cousins and I made "Goonies 2" in one afternoon on summer vacation when I was maybe 7. Don't know if that counts. If so, I apologize.

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On The People

This reminds me of something Don DeLillo said recently:

"...for some years now I think the true American religion has been 'the American People.' The term quickly developed an aura of sanctity and inviolability. First used mainly by politicians at nominating conventions and in inaugural speeches, the phrase became a mainstay of news broadcasts and other more or less nonpartisan occasions. All the reverence once invested in the name of God was transferred to an entity safely defined as you and me. But do we still exist? Does the phrase still soar over the airwaves? Or are the American People dead and buried? It seems the case, more than ever, that there are only factions, movements, sects, splinter groups, and deeply aggrieved individual voices. The media absorbs it all."

Happy election day everyone!

Source: http://www.pen.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/5278/prmID/1376

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On The Miami Heat (And The Rest Of The NBA) Start Playing Tonight

Dwyane Wade is definitely Gordie Lachance.

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