On Do You Have Garbage Taste in Music? A Quiz

@ComradePsmith Saying George Harrison is your favorite Beatle is almost as bad as confusing the improbable with the impossible? (Apologies, this is completely irrelevant. The cry goes round, "thejcar has been caught unawares by a truly excellent username and is now making nonsensical comments...")

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On I Object To Your Projections

"Little thing called team morale, Josh... [Enters room] All right! Shut the hell up, everybody. I've fired more people than you before breakfast."

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On Jon Stewart, Stop Hurting America!

I think this is a great article. I do think though, that the visceral experience of meeting people who are not just pro-death penalty, but also super into it ("It takes balls to execute an innocent man") is pretty disorienting? Like, we're all people, different worldviews, empathy, etc, etc, I get it. But can't it sometimes work the other way, too? If you're deeply in a culture where it's an understood view that the death penalty= mega justice unadulterated good, can't it be important for it to be balanced, to some degree, by a reaction of "Wow, that's surprising! I find it unsettling, to be frank!" I mean, this isn't what the knee-jerk demonization is accomplishing AT ALL, so I agree with you there. But it is a high order to perfectly negotiate this charged subject, in general.

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On Prop 8: Mormon Persecution, Marriage and the Refuge of Patriotism

I don't want to be sanctimonious, especially since I consider myself part of several groups that are routinely accused of being so (progressive, secular, feminist) but in the spirit of candor, I want to identify my issue with this whole thing. I don't think I could work at a company where people were fired for being gay. I don't think I could live in a neighborhood where gay people weren't accepted. And I certainly couldn't hold an institution that sought to deprive people of their fundamental rights as a moral authority.
And I know that Mormons stand to lose a lot more than just say, a job, or a house. That they literally have to, in many cases, start their life over and be separated from their entire community and all that they know. And here's where I'm going to sound like kind of a jerk, but it's just my feeling: honestly, knowing that I would reap EVEN MORE benefits in comparison to my LGBTQ brothers and sisters would make such a position EVEN MORE morally uncomfortable. I would never want to support, let alone PERSONALLY BENEFIT from not dissociating myself from an oppressive institution. Again, I'm not advising this as a course of action or trying to play guilt police, I'm just sharing why for some people, this is an issue that can't quite be assuaged with individual testimony of "crises of faith." Thanks for your openness and I apologize if I offend.

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