On How to Beat the Whiskey Shortage

Rhum Clément is really, really good, but so mellow it's practically a cognac.

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On The 50 Best Versions Of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," In Order

@KarenUhOh AGREED!

(Have Yourself a Racist Little Christmas, is more like it.)

(That was probably out of line but Nat King Cole donated the dining lodge at my favorite summer/winter camp as a kid. Bobby Finger gets a lump of coal.)

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On Let's Make Thanksgiving Better

I am a little confused about the wheel, can we get more details on the wheel

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On Long Live The Working-Class Hunk

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On Eggs, In Order

0. Fizzed


(Not sure how you of all people missed the alcoholic option.)

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On How Much More Does A Steak Dinner Cost Today?

It's not so cheap at home! A reasonably aged, grass fed ribeye — the sort they were eating in the first half of the century, at 21 club, chophouses, etc. — will run you $23 a pound. At a reasonable inch, without bone, you'll drop around $30 per steak. Leave the bone in and get it cut an inch and a half, maybe two inches thick as I'm tempted to do, and as God intended, it goes from expensive to a Material Financial Event.

It does pay to switch to a hanger steak. I can get beautiful onglet for about $8 a pound. Marvelouslly thick (if skinny) and thus hard to fuck up. Finish it in butter and shallots, maybe some garlic, serve it with a South America Cabernet, you're golden for, all in, around $15 (wine included).

(Whenever I see hanger on a menu, it's usually priced around $25, without any wine obviously, usually not much cheaper than the rib eye, and I want to pâté the owner.)

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On Knock It Off With All The "Pairing," Okay?

I also find this simple verb highly distasteful!!

(Eh, not really, but I did try to get with you on this.)

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On The Way We Quit Internships Now: With a Bang

Intern Mary, to Choire, 2007. You can't fool us with the altered date header!



(Choire wisely agreed to let her livestalk Dave Eggers and all was forgiven, IIRC?!)

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On Prop 8: Mormon Persecution, Marriage and the Refuge of Patriotism

Great post. I realize you wrote with some sympathy to the anti-Mormon Church backlash, but the sheer magnitude of the anti-Mormon Church anger always seemed unfortunate to me, mainly because it let off the hook the seven MILLION California voters who passed Prop 8. And also because of the underlying premise of "Gosh, if you spend that much on *teeve ads* then there's no way we Californians could *not* vote your way."

It's all too easy for people in more liberal parts of the state, like where I live, to forget how conservative the rest of it can be, and has always been. This in turn magnified the blame heaped on the Mormon Church. Not that I have much sympathy for the church as an institution in this case, but a more honest reckoning with what happened might help California's left come up with some strategic and even systematic changes to keep other regressive measures from passing.

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