On What Side Of Your Brain Are You Giving Cancer To?

i've wondered--probably too much and too frequently--whether my brain processes things differently, if they only go into one side of my sensory inputs, e.g., whether there is a cognitive difference that occurs when I listen to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" through only one ear.

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On The Dueling Flickr Feeds Of Barack Obama And Mitt Romney

i think it's funny that biden is the one wearing the black guy suit. (i didn't know what it was until i worked in dc for about 18 months, but that's an example)

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On Football Pick Haikus For Week 3

BOTH Harbaughs. They're the NFL's whiny-pants section.

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On That Thing That's Happening

@major disaster you'd think they'd want to move to mexico, where the u.s. government will give you a free gun--or eight! but seriously, contempt vote on eric holder commencing shortly.

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On That Thing That's Happening

@hockeymom don't worry about freetzy. i had megyn kelly in one ear, diane rehm in the other, and scotusblog in my eye balls. fox news is not bad for you, IF you watch it to get into the mental space of others with whom you disagree. however, it is bad for schadenfreude or if it just makes you blow your stack.

i work in a federal relations office and have my choice of the c-spans, news networks, and local teevee. i'm pretty consistently watching fox, if there's not a press conference or hearing on c-span (it was created by cable!)

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On "Who’s going to listen to a divorced marriage and family therapist?"

i think some of you missed the point of this story

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On What To Worry About Next: Supervolcanoes

pretty sure we're looking at 100% uninhabitable, when the insufferable fucks from the rest of the nation show up overnight on our doorsteps.

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On "You Get On The Internet And Pretty Soon You’re Drunk": The Orthodox At Citi Field

@SpyMagician as a jew, i have to say that i've thought numerous times about how much payos resemble fly strips. come on, dude.

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On Man Goes Hungry

this really was reported on tmj? that's amazing.

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On "Now you have a chance to buy a chicken nugget shaped like a cowboy boot"

does this have anything to do with why the military is worried about finding enough recruits that meet their fitness and intelligence requirements?

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