On T.I., "Ya Hear Me"

Agree - this is TI at his best. But this song leaked months ago. I guess it's "officially" new though.

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On The Miami Heat (And The Rest Of The NBA) Start Playing Tonight

I'm a big NBA fan, so I like it the way it is mostly, but I do kind of agree. 11 games is way too short though. I'd like it if it was like 30 games. Baseball should be two games. Because I hate it.

And on that note I say...


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On What Should LeBron James Do?

Great ad - putting the onus on the viewer and hoping to invoke some empathy.

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On George Clooney Rakish, Not Helping

You mad.

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On Curren$y, "Audio Dope 2"

"I said I'd quit smokin these beats but I relapsed"

Okay, I'm done now.

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On Curren$y, "Audio Dope 2"

Spitta is dope as hell, and Pilot Talk was one of the best hip-hop albums of the year. Can't wait for Pilot Talk 2. JETS.

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On Kanye West Continues Being Supremely Awesome

I like Ye, and this was entertaining I guess, but when pretty much anybody else can rhyme over his beats and make them levels better, I can't mention him as anything close to greatness. For example - see J Cole over "Devil in a New Dress'" and Cobe Obeah over "Runaway." Both Cole and Obeah make the tracks much, much better.

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On "Jimmy's Failing Math," Brought To You By Bill & Bob's Roast Beef

Doesn't matter.

Kids never look at permission slips and that kind of crap anyway. At least I didn't.

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On Twitter's "Enormous and Concerted Act of Social Disobedience"

Like @Mindpowered mentioned, in the end, Dash is agreeing with Gladwell. So maybe we should keep looking for that "swing."

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On Harvard Prof Mounts a Defense of Teaching "The Wire"

Yes, but I still think using every tool available to deepen a classroom experience is a good thing.

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