On A Case for Reading Something Other Than “Middlemarch”

@carig Agreed. I came looking for a great list of books similar to read that are not Middlemarch. Although I have to say, I read Vilette because of an Awl/Hairpin recommendation, and it was astonishingly awful. Entertainingly awful, granted, but it sucked.

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On Is This Money Evil? The Mellow Pages Library Debates An Indecent Proposal From ExxonMobil

@Elizabeth Stevens@facebook I'll take the position that their "no" decision is lame. Now, while it seems like they might get enough publicity to achieve their funding goals regardless, this money is now coming from their friends and like-minded compatriots, rather than from the bottom line of a corporation whose evilness I willingly cede. Now, Exxon might be getting some bad publicity due to the facebook post, but let's keep in mind that the conventional wisdom is that basically all oil companies are evil, so there's not really any impact of positive or negative publicity. Are we supposed to avoid Exxon gas stations and only patronize BP?! It would be better for Mellow Pages take the money while continuing to trash/sue the heck out of Exxon.

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On A Friendly PSA: It's "Kenan." Yes. Kenan Thompson.

If Kenan wants people to spell his name in that way, he needs to change the pronunciation.

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On Vampire Weekend, "Diane Young"

I can confirm that people seem to have gotten over themselves. I still like hits off of the 2008 record, although I would agree that each album as a whole has been an improvement.

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On 'Papillon': Thug Life In French Guiana

Are you the person who recommended Vilette? Because that book was terrible, and I don't trust anything you say!

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On Introducing the Awl Music App: Music Videos for and by People, Not Machines

Make a Spotify!

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On Drink Dispensers Balk At Crushing Burden Of Squeezing Lime

i enjoy that the bartenders' alternative drink ideas also involved muddling herbs...

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On How To Make Weeknight Pasta Sauce

@boyofdestiny Unfortunately, you pretty much have to blend. (A tomato mill would be another thing to wash, so I say not worth it.) Also, in general, if things are soupy, there is always the option of cooking longer to evaporate more liquid.

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On How To Make Weeknight Pasta Sauce

@AmeliaRay I would argue that a basic garlic-onion-tomato pasta sauce made on an oven tastes far better than Newman's, probably reaching $8/jar level sauces for about $2-4, depending on the quality of canned tomatoes, so I think it's more of a bang for buck issue. (Not sure where the author is shopping to be using $2 worth of garlic/onion/oil!)

In the summer, basic tomato sauces just murder store-bought. Another issue is that basically all storebought sauces have sugar or corn syrup, and if you are used to homemade, this will make the storebought sauce taste off. I think the real problem with homemade tomato sauce is having to blend, such a pain to wash.

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On Bacon, Cream And Other Secrets Of Enjoying Late Fall Vegetables

I was surprised to see you throwing away the kale stems. They are the bomb in soup/stew (not pureed). In standard greens sautes, you can still use them if you just throw them in about 5 minutes earlier or so.

PS I always wonder what kind of supermarkets people who claim that supermarkets only stock Red Delicious and Granny Smiths shop at. Real grocery stores have had great apples for 10 years at least. (Also, Winesap apples are generally gross. Not recommended.)

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