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On The Borowitz Problem

On the plus side, it looks like they got rid of the comments?

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On Bleaching the Jury Pool

You know - hipsters. Law and order types.

Posted on June 17, 2014 at 10:28 am 2

On Seeking Solace in SCUM

@Ricardo Aguilera@facebook Really hope you read this back to yourself in a low murmur.

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On Change Comes From Within Website

@Matt Buchanan Between you and John, which one's the Lou?

Posted on May 5, 2014 at 2:05 pm 1

On Enjoy Your New Era Of Internet-Enabled Intimacy While It Lasts, Because The Psychos Are Going To Show Up Pretty Soon

They touched on this on today's Who Charted... truly we are in a new age of murder venues.

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On Kim Deal And Morgan Nagler, "The Root"

Check out the other video on Kim's site, while you're at it.

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On Meet The Awl

@propertius Propecia

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On An Oral History Of Gawker, By Reddit

@Pop Socket I believe you mean "citizen journalism."

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On An Oral History Of Gawker, By Reddit

From now on I'm going to use "… pertaining to Detroit" instead of "in bed" for all my fortune cookies.

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On The Dying Man On The Windshield

Natasha, good job recognizing Salgado as the fulcrum of the story. I'd like to read more about him; if you have any follow-up information on how he is coming through this horror, please make it known.

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