On How to Name Your Baby

Jennifer 90210 Lee

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On ABC Making Me Go Cold Turkey On Krysten Ritter

"my beloved fans..."

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On The Pretty New Web and the Future of "Native" Advertising

Oh, and I want to hear your "stock and flow" rant sometime.

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On The Pretty New Web and the Future of "Native" Advertising

My guess is that most of those "native" (that word!) ad forms will get sifted out in the next couple years and become standards like everything else. (Recall, the web banner was Wired's native unit first.)

I already see something happening where brands are buying into the notion of being "content creators" (hey, there's another post for ya), but they don't have any idea what to do with it. "Um, let's put it on Buzzfeed." Then what? "Hm, maybe it works on Gawker?" Nope, oh well.

The future that Battelle hints at here seems in line with how this will all progress: http://battellemedia.com/archives/2012/05/on-thneeds-and-the-death-of-display.php

All that said, I'm gloomy on platforms right now too. And I think Anil is over-determining his Foursquare/Instagram/whatever feed, which are distinctly personal, not mass. Streams aren't the future; links are.

In this case, the future is the past.

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On Slate is Free from Its Cruel Master!

Tidbit: The core of Gutenberg was based upon the CMS that MSNBC.com built a million years ago. (It's sorta weird to remember this, but those two companies were both launched in Redmond. I still remember the first time I saw Michael Kinsley smoking outside of Building 28.) The technology was forked a long time ago, but MSNBC.com kept advancing their version -- and they might actually be the one contradiction to the "never build your own" rule. Otherwise, I'd probably agree.

(Also, your "finally stabbing to death" link is broken. Naughty Wordpress!)

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On Big Website Used To Be So Awesome But Totally Sucks Now, Say Cool Dudes

Sorry, but I just had to go dig this up:

"One of these days I'm going to do a take-down article on a sacred cow of the internet: BoingBoing."

--Me, Nov. 20, 2007

That was probably the last day that I read BoingBoing. Since then, I think we've all gotten better at ignoring the things we despise. Well, a little better.

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On You're Being Gamed

Toot! Toot!

I wrote about this in Wired a few years ago:

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On We Need New Ways of Judging the Success of Websites

It is obvious what the new metric for success should be: percentage of employees who can cite from memory the number of employees at HuffPo, DailyBeast, and NYT.

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On We Need New Ways of Judging the Success of Websites

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On Now You Can Be A Social Media DB All Over The Galaxy

Don't be silly. Given the composition of the moon, it would be a mac 'n cheese joint.

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