On The Penthouse at the Edge of the World

Bloomie never lived in Gracie.

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On There Was New York

I kept hoping that this might be a parody. Was she really expecting to run into Jackson Pollock at the Soho Apple Store? Why was no one willing to tell her that her "observations" were cliches 20 years ago?

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On War Encoded

Syria is now the seventh Muslim country that has been bombed by Obama since he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. What an amazing world we live in.

Say what you will about Bush, but he at least got Congressional approval and at least made grandiose demonstrations before the UN before starting his wars.

Unlike Bush, Obama cannot even pretend that his war mongering is under the pretext of "bringing democracy to the Middle East" as his 5 arab allies in this war are all Monarchies!!!!

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On Incongruity Noted

@76093@twitter So if a reporter happens to admire fully clothed 1950's pin-up imagery, he is disqualified from reporting on sex crimes in Brooklyn? Must all crime reporters now be asexual?

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On A New York Superlative

I thought Obama and De Blasio were going to address inequality or something something.

Without the taxes and expenditures of superrich Manhattanites, New York City would be Detroit on the Hudson. The relatively generous social services of New York City are utterly dependent upon there being an affluent class willing to pay taxes and fund government largesse.

Why would you be against tall buildings in Midtown? That battle was lost in the 1930's.

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On Anniversary Commemorated

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.

The funny part is that Obama basically declared war on Syria in a dramatic White House speech on 9/10/13, subject only to Russia's intervention to remove the WMD justification for invasion. So the Brain Trust gives another speech on 9/10/14 to declare war on ISIS which will conveniently suffer from mission creep and lead to war with Assad. To Obama's credit, his heart is just not in this, so he may be able to keep the conflict from expanding. Be sure that Hillary or whichever Republican is the next President will expand Obama's war into a war against Assad.

It really speaks to the spellbinding nature of the Obama administration that no one is calling him out for exploiting the Eve of 9/11 not once, but TWICE, to start a war in Syria. Even Bush was never so bold.

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On The Waning of the Hobo

Is that a photo of Mr. Sicha featured in the article? Has he rejected New York's high rents to live a life of freedom on the rails?

Will he be the next Hobo KIng?

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On Who Reads 'Mein Kampf'?

To be fair, AXELROD would be a pretty kick ass name for a Nazi.

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On Words Helpful for Once

Sure he "registers cautions and caveats" whatever the hell that means, but then proceeds to lay into the Putin conspiracies pretty thick. His support for the Iraq War (with registered cautions and caveats, of course!) was central to mitigating dissent among the Lefty Establishment. Same old same old from Remnick and crew.

Ironic, that he is so concerned about "wildly, messianic nationalists" and "neo-imperialists" with Putin, but clown boy had no such reservations back when he was pushing for the invasion of Iraq.


Also, Remnick and The New Yorker have no concerns over "wildly, messianic nationalists" and "neo-imperialists" during Israel's latest invasion of Gaza. Why not?

Depressing how this blog covers the Ukrainian issue immediately, but only addresses the Gaza crisis indirectly through lame ass app reviews.

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On The Amazon Disaster Tour

Or consumers can simply click on the second Google search result. Crisis averted.


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