On Coming Soon (Again): The White Guy’s Nonwhite Sidekick

Is it seriously too much to ask that articles like this be written by a South Asian or Middle Eastern person?

Also, Dude, "Asiatic men" is not the preferred nomenclature.

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On The Insane Whole Foods Gowanus Is Open For Your Gentrifying Needs

Glad to see that the parking lot solar panels are covered in snow.

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On 'The Day After' Was A Scary Thing That Happened 30 Years Ago Today

Looks like that is Flounder from Animal House at the six second mark.

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On Careers Caucasian

This link is a classic example of what I like to call "Liberal Statistics." Now the confusion is most likely due to ignorance and laziness, but regardless, the statistics are highlighted because they push a political agenda, not because they are factual accurate.

For those who actually work in the real world, the claim that groundkeepers, carpenters and construction painters are over 90% White is laughable, but then again, no one would expect bloggers to have any idea what manual labor actually looks like in this country.

The Atlantic author discusses the wealth inequalities among White, Blacks and Hispanics, but then presents statistics that merge the White and Hispanic populations. You really can't complain about the underrepresentation of Hispanics if your data set deems that Hispanics are White. That is not to say that there are not issues of obvious inequality in the US labor market, but is it too much to ask that you at least present honest data?

I am willing to wager that the employees of both the Awl and Atlantic are over 90% White, but we will never hear any complaints on that point.

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On Why Is America Turning To Shit?

This article is poorly researched and the author lacks a rudimentary understanding of American geography.

The great engineering marvel of reversing the Chicago River reversed the river flow so that it flowed AWAY from Michigan's water supply not TOWARDS Michigan's water supply. The Sanitary and Ship Canal allowed for Chicago's wastewater to flow south down the Illinois and eventually the Mississippi Rivers. The state that periodically sues Chicago over this technological fete is Missouri not Michigan.

Chicago and Detroit are not in "in essence swilling each other’s shit and garbage in shared water." As noted, Chicago's treated wastewater flows south to the Gulf of Mexico, not to Detroit. Detroit is not located on Lake Michigan, but on Lake Erie and downstream from Lake Michigan. Detroit's treated wastewater flows east towards Cleveland and eventually Niagara Falls, it does not generally flow back to Chicago.

Look, there are a multitude of ways by which the City of Chicago fails the citizens of the South Side, but it is fundamentally disingenuous to say "The reality is also that your water gets more or less cleaned based on who you are and where you live." The unfortunate bacterial blooms that do arise on South Side beaches are a result of run-off released by the MWRDGC in heavy rainstorms. During flood conditions, untreated waterflow is released into Lake Michigan from the locks on the Chicago River. To be clear, the water is released Downtown in the richest part of the City in disturbing proximity to the City’s central Jardine Water Purification Plant off of Navy Pier. This is not an action taken lightly and one that releases the untreated overflow in the heart of the City’s financial district. Due to geography and currents, the overflow release disproportionally does impact South Side beaches, but decades of man hours and billions of dollars have been spent on the Deep Tunnel Project in order to mitigate overflow.

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On The Time Of Our Time To Go

So.... for some reason I read this as David Lee Roth attended George Plimpton's funeral at St. John The Divine where he ran into Norman Mailer while they were mutually looking for the pisser. I imagined him in an all white tux, red Hawaiian shirt, dirty blonde locks, white top hat (or even better white captain's hat!) and matching cane.

Needless to say, I was sorely disappointed when I read the link, but I would not give up those 1.3 seconds for THE WORLD.

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On Silicon Valley Creeps East: The Jack Hidary For Mayor Crowd

Of course there is another candidate for Mayor, Aldofo Carrion, who you conveniently ignore, just as you ignored the mayoral campaigns of other PoC candidates, such as Bill Thompson. Progressive voters should always consider the P.O.C. candidates, yet you act as if none exist. There are options beyond the white male candidates, New Yorkers need to be aware of this.


Jack Hidary comes from the hyper entrepreneurial and tech savvy Syrian Jewish community of Brooklyn, so there is a natural nexus between his supporters in Brooklyn and the tech crowd.

You need to check your privilege and your ignorance.

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On TechCrunch: Journalists Or Startup Shills? You Decide

Real Talk. Best to not get in too deep with these guys.

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On TechCrunch: Journalists Or Startup Shills? You Decide

@sigerson I always had my doubts about whether that "Ken Layne" guy who lived in the "desert" was an actual person.

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On Feminist: Why Are All These Women So Whorey?

@keira333 Their not there.

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