On Let's Call It 'Apple Privilege'

But then isn't Apple's acquisition of Beats a form of Cultural Appropriation?

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On Matt Berry Is 40

I thought Garth Marenghi was that age in the 80's.

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On The Shape of Internet for All

Cellphone charging stations would be appreciated.

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On Andy Bell Is 50

Liking this song does not make you gay.

Liking Mazda Miatas is what makes you gay.

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On How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

How does Ross Perot fit into all this?

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On Train Terrible

@jfruh The thinking is that a dedicated line will encourage further development as it shows a commitment to the waterfront. In particular, attracting office developments as opposed to strictly residential. The MTA has a waterfront dedicated bus, the B32, that now that runs up Kent to LIC. It is a total dud and runs every 30 minutes. I think a streetcar works if it has a dedicated lane separated from traffic as in SF and many other cities. I highly doubt the MTA is open to change and introducing a new means of transit is unlikely in an inept, staid bureaucratic agency like the MTA. I am sure if they can find a way, they will spend millions "studying" the proposal through 2025.

This is a line that should be developed now as the development has already reach a critical mass. The Domino development will bring in many more residents and office space that would greatly benefit from a dedicated line. Bloomberg could have pulled this off, DeBlasio not so much.

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On Train Terrible

@brianvan The G train only nominally serves the waterfront in Greenpoint, for most of the line it does not overlap with this proposal.

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On Bad News For People Who Loved 'Good News'

I feel ya, bruh. MM will always be a "new" band to me. My go-to driving through Wyoming music.

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On All That We Have Foreseen Has Come To Pass In Brooklyn

@Bus Driver Stu Benedict You're quite the witty one.

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On All That We Have Foreseen Has Come To Pass In Brooklyn

We're making fun of ethnic names now? Welp, indeed.

You know, little Sammy should be reminded that once upon a time Ochs-Sulzberger was considered a strange name in Brooklyn.

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