On Bear Used As Bear Bait

What the plan is? This is America. They're gonna shoot it.

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On "Nobody racially profiles." —Mike Bloomberg

RINO, eh?

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On 17 Better Names for the Color of the New NYC Taxi Cabs than "Apple Green"

That's Project Hallway Green.

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On G-Spot Real, Real Small

I don't understand the metric system.

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On Ian MacKaye Is 50, For Real

Does this make Waiting Room a Golden Oldie?

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On Just Wow

He means "close your eyes and enjoy it." Right?

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On Alleged DSK Rape Victim Knows Bad People and Also Drinks!

@MyName Well, that's why the DA is basically trying to drop this case. She's admitted to lying about a previous rape in order to get asylum, and apparently lying about her actions after the alleged rape here. It's a he said/she said situation, and the DA can't win with her.


My only comment here is to point out that people seem to be outraged that the NY Times published this article smearing her with innuendo, completely discounting the fact that the entire case against DSK is dependent on the credibility of the one witness. Who it turns out, is not actually very credible.

But, yeah, it could have happened anyway.

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On Alleged DSK Rape Victim Knows Bad People and Also Drinks!

How outrageous for the NY Times not to publish the actual transcript of the phone recording, or quote bank investigators detailing the bank deposits so that we can assess everybody's credibility! I mean, when we all thought DSK was fo sho guilty, it was because we read her statement and saw her on TV, right? RIGHT?

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On Almost 3 Days Later, Police Find Gun in Car of Man They Shot!

How does a dead guy hide a gun so well that it takes 3 days to find it? That's. A. Mazing.

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On Assange Voluntarily Enters the Legal System--But When Does He Come Out?

He kind of has to be charged with something to be extradited here. And I doubt the Espionage Act counts.

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